Thinning & Stringy Hair

bwyjewelDecember 21, 2005

I'm 46, female and have very thinning hair - it's very noticeable in the front area of my scalp (I try to cover it up by wearing it to the side)and my hair is almost down to my shoulders (I look horrible in short hair)and because it's so thin, it looks very stringy. I'm on Levoxyl and have my thyroid tested regularly and it's fine.

Anybody have any possible solution for this? I've tried the store brand Rogaine (it just makes my hair grow but doesn't grow in the thinning areas). I'm so self-conscious about this and can't afford plugs, transplant, etc.

Thank you.

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Have you experimented with fake hair? I have a couple of pieces from Toni Brattin, who sells on HSN. Her bangs got negative customer reviews, but the new hair extensions have been well received. If you watch the show she demonstrates how to "install" the hair.

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After I posted I looked around some more. I didn't find any bangs that seemed natural, but the Revlon Hair Enhancer looks interesting. Have you seen it? It's kind of like a wiglet with holes. It adds volume to the crown of your head, but you pull your own hair through holes in the mesh base, so all the length would be your own.

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Have you tried the hair vitamins, biotin is supposed to help nails and hair. I was losing a lot of hair especially in front and started using Folicure shampoo and conditioner and also biotin. I have lots of new short hairs there and my part does not appear as wide as before. At least my hair has stopped falling off when I shampoo. I saw some topical Minoxidil for women at Target today which I may alsos try. I understand massaging also increases circulation, hanging your head down to draw blood there, as well as taking gingko biloba. It may help hair growth if nutrients are adequate. I would also review diet for adequate protein, minerals, etc. My mom had very thin hair like that and she was told to rub raw potato into her hair, I don't recall full details. Apple cider vinegar and sage tea rinse is supposed to help new hair grow in. Good luck, this is not a good situation for women.

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