Hair Color Question - Help!!

renee_flDecember 4, 2003

I have been having my hair highlighted for years. I started doing that to cover my gray. It is starting to look too bleachy so I told my stylist that I want the blonde toned back a bit. She did a foil using color instead of bleach. Now I have dark roots which she said I would have until the blonde grew out. I thought it would be blended somehow.

I am not used to telling my stylist what to do. THe styist I had before I moved just did his thing and it always looked great. He was awesome. To make matters worse this is a friend of mine who just started doing my hair (she has done hair for 30 yeas) not too long ago.

I told her that I was not happy with the way it looks and she said my options are to do the roots and throw in some blonde highlights or to just go darker which she said I would not be happy with because I like being a blonde. She said she was using a 7 and 8 and would use a 6 and 7 when she fixes it on Saturday.

I am at a total loss as to what to do. She told me that I am a natural medium blonde. In pictures, my hair before color looks brown to me.

My hair is starting to look dried out - I assume from the bleach. If I have it dyed one color will it look shinier? If I do that how do I choose the color? If she just does the roots and throws in some highlights won't that make it more blonde?

Any thoughts or suggestions? I don't know what to do and my appointment is for Saturday morning.

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Renee, it seems to me that you would have to even out your different hair colors with an all over tint, then have the streaks put over that; that's what I had to start doing at one point, to cover the grey. I have a medium brown all over tint done then a lot of foil streaks in a blonder color; I just have the roots touched up every 6 weeks, then the whole thing redone 3 times a year.

Even a darker all over color will lighten up a tone or two after a few shampoos.

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I used to get foils with bleach, my stylist did every other row of hair, leaving some rows unbleached. Since my hair was getting darker, I was having to do it more frequently.

Last year she started doing highlights and lowlights. She matched the natural color of my hair for the lowlights. So now she still does every other row, leaving some of my hair untouched by color, but blends in bleach/lowlights. So the rows go bleach/no color/lowlight, bleach/no color/lowlight.

It looks great! Overall darker but still has nice highlights. Because some of the hair has no color or bleach, it all blends and looks quite natural. When it grows out, the "dark stripe" at the roots is much less noticeable.

Hope my explanation made sense.

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I get frosted about three times a year,, with the cap, then a beige/silvery/tan toner to eliminate any 'yellow' blond, the whole thing blends in with grey, I don't have hair of any same overall color,, but many many different shades of blond, grey, dark grey etc. I like it,, and I don't have to have it done for four months at a time.. maybe even 5.
I would like to try the all over lt. brown, then blond hi-lights but then was told I would have to have the roots redone every 6 weeks. so I will wait awhile for that one.. I don't want hair of one flat color if that makes sense.

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Hi all - thanks for your responses. I went in this morning to have my color redone. I started to tell her what I thought needed to happen but she said she knew what I wanted. (The first time I was having my hair done I showed her a picture of some actresses entitled brown is back. I had asked her if their color was brown because it looked like my hair only a little bit darker.)

Well.. I figured she must know what she is doing so I let her do her thing. First she did my roots - I think a shade darker than usual. Then she foiled in color - mostly darker but she threw in a little bleach here and there as well.

I was nervous but by the time she finished it looked really good - blended and very natural.

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Glad to hear you are a happy camper Renee,, I'm sure you look FABULOUS and are ready to dazzle them for the Holidays.

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Glad you are happy with your results Renee. However, your hair is being double processed. That means that two chemical treatments are being done on the hair rather than one.

The same thing can be accomplished using a weave and applying the two colors at once. This way your hair is only being treated one time instead of two. If the stylist knows what they are doing it turns out beautiful and there will be perfect blending and no color bleeding. It can't be done with a cap.

A couple things. First hair does darken with age and if you were blonde it most likely has taken on a gray tone before it turns gray. That tone in the hair can make it LOOK darker than it actually is. Also, when we start to gray or go ashy the blond sometimes needs a little help witht he additional color. Often two tones in the hair as your stylist is doing are much prettier.

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