Q re: before using my new ovens

kateskourosFebruary 4, 2012

i've been looking through the user manuals for both my capital precision 48" and a turbo chef ovens, but am unable to find any info about preparing them for first use. don't they need to run for a while before using them to cook?

thanks in advance for any help.

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Cycling them through a series of progressively higher temperatures _might_ improve long term coating retention, while also progressively burning off any residues.

As far as I know, this forum has, at best, only anecdotal evidence that such cycling makes any difference on some ovens.


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I don't know if this is true, but I have a CC and a service tech advised me to break in the ovens by starting them at low and the letting it cycle to that point and then turn it up in increments of 50 degrees allowing it to cycle until it hit 400. Then leave it for about an hour and then I could turn it off. He said it was the same procedure regardless of manufacturer. I figured it couldn't hurt so I followed his instructions.

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I would anticipate you might get some funky smells coming out of them when you first run them. Residual solvents, tool and machine oils, stuff on the assembler's hands, etc.may be present and will burn off when you first run the oven. Our Bluestar was pretty rank the first time I fired it up. No big deal, open some windows. If you have birds, I would get them out of the house, just in case.

You may not smell anything, but I would definitely run them through a good operational heating cycle prior to using them to cook in. The start low approach, working your way up, sounds like a good one. About the only thing I would change is that I would be sure to take the ovens up to the top of their temperature range for the last part of the "burn-in"

Might as well get it all burned off at once.

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thanks for the advice!

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You are going to use the new ovens????

Does this mean you are almost done?

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