Non stretch jeans/pants

DtkatyDecember 5, 2010

Is it unreasonable to want 100% cotton jeans & chinos/khaki's?

I guess in this day & age it must be b/c I can't find them anywhere.

Stretch fabric stretches.I don't want my jeans/pants to feel like spandex.

Stretch fabric doesn't breathe like cotton does, nor does it come out of the dryer as nicely.

I spent $50 on a nice pair of chinos that,of course, fit beautifully in the store & after I washed & ironed them.

Within hours of wearing them to work,the legs had stretched out 5 " and the waist almost 3".

I can't take them back & I'm stuck with a pair of pricey baggy britches!

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Why can't you take them back? If they stretched like that, the store should take them back.

Otherwise, shop higher quality places like Land's End or L.L. Bean catalogs, they offer 100% cotton clothing and guarantee your purchase.

Here is a link that might be useful: L.L. Bean 100% cotton pants

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