frizz free curls - impossible? caruso hairsetters, irons,rollers?

Daisy_head_maisyDecember 28, 2005


I have very long hair and lot of it. The strands are very fine. My hair tends to be dry and frizzy.

I tried some Pillow curlers on wet hair overnight.

Next mornting I had tons of spiral curls- I tried to seperate them gently to make them look softer (with my fingers) and they instantly turned into a 6" thick mat of frizz.

Tried it the next day with Frizz-ease but the results were just as terrible.

I desperatly want big soft curls.

How can I do this without making frizz?

Has anyone tried Caruso hairsetters- I want to buy some but am afraid they will give me the same frizzy results and they aren't cheap.

Caruso, Ceramic irons, Teflon irons, Hot rollers????

So many choices and I have no idea what will work for me.


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Sorry, forgot to ask...

If I got a caruso, which kind is best? I was looking at the ION or travel sized.

The other possiblities I'm eyeing are

Conair Jumbo heat rollers

Revlon Ceramic 1.5" iron


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I just posted on your other thread about this. I have 3 Carusos but the one I use the most is the travel size one. With long hair I'd suggest the large rollers or the jumbo rollers, otherwise it might get frizzy on you if you brush thru the smaller curls. I bought my first Caruso over 10 years ago and use it all the time. I absolutely LOVE it.

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THANK YOU so much for your feedback on both of my threads!

I have a lot of interest in the Caruso, and the lady at the store really pushed it but I wanted to talk to someone who had used it.

I was looking at the jumbo size rollers... I think my concern with them was that they would add more frizz to my already frizz prone hair.

Have you had any frizz problems with them at all? How long does it take you to do your hair and how long do these machines last?

Thanks so much for your help!!!


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The only time I have frizz problems is when I use the tiny rollers because the curl is too tight. My hair is shoulder length and very straight so I usually use the medium and large rollers and make spiral curls. I absolutely love my Caruso. As far as holding up, mine have held up great. I bought my first on in like 1989. I was only 18 and didn't have a credit card so my mom ordered it for me off of TV. I still have it and it still works. I bought 2 more at Target a few years later (smaller travel sized ones) because they were on clearance for $5 and those still work great too. I would say that it takes me about 5 minutes to roll my hair and another one minute to take out the rollers and style it. I usually dry my hair first and put the rollers in, then let them cool/dry while I do my makeup. The only thing you have to be careful of is to not get the rollers too steamy because the steam won't evaporate as fast and will leave your hair wet. If I'm in a hurry, I roll then hit the rollers with my hair dryer to hurry up the process a bit. After I got my first Caruso my friend was so amazed that she made me try them on her hair. We used the large size on her hair and were amazed at the results. She has thick hair that is all one length and down to her waist and when I took the rollers out she had spiral curls that were shiny, springy, and curled her hair all the way up to her middle back. It was gorgeous. One other word of wisdom: when the rollers are in place, your head is HUGE, so don't try to get dressed or anything (unless you have zippers or buttons down the front) while they're on your head.

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When I set my hair in rollers in the morning or during the day I always dress from the waist up before I start rolling my hair. Huge is a understatement. I have a very big head right now!

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I love my caruso set too..I have very fine hair and they are the only rollers that give me the look I want. I have the original set that you add salt to the water, I just keep buying new JUMBO rollers every few years.I think the new sets don't need salt though.
It takes me aboout 6 minutes to roll all of my LONG hair, and then I do my make up and get dressed. By then my hair is ready and will stay curled all day and evening.

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Does anyone know where I can get the old caruso set that you have to add a bit of salt to? I heard that it holds curls better than the new set. I have the new set and am pretty pleased with the resuts except my curls start falling out halfway through the day. I have very thick long hair.

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The jumbo rollers are best for frizzy hair. The tighter the curl, the more likely it will frizz when you separate the curls. With the jumbo rollers, the curls are already a lot looser, so a lot of separation isn't necessary, which reduces the frizzing when you style it.

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susancnw They canhelp a LOT.

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