old glass rabit with ears down question

joe_the_dutchmanSeptember 20, 2009

i have a depresion coloured glass rabitt.it resembles achiken on anest glass ware.the colour is light brown it is split in the middle and has its ears folded back flat.i dont know hoto do the picture thing .i have not ever seen one any ware and am wondering if any one had an idea of what it could be or were i could search pictures on the net to help me identifie this wonderful glasware.info greatly apreciated

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Search the web for rabbit figural Depression glass. If yours opens up, like a box, it's likely a candy or cotton ball holder. The Glass Chalet website has pictures of the chikens and rabbits and other figurals - www.glasschalet.com

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If I understand what you are saying, you have a covered dish with the cover being a rabbit with ears laid back.
You say it's like a Hen on a nest type of glass, so I guess that it's opaque, like slag or milk glass.
This type of thing has been much reproduced....but Indiana Glass did make some old Rabbit on a nest dishes in slag glass.
You don't say how big it is...
It could be made in the '60 or it could be made in the 1880's. Can't say without a picture.
Linda c

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...and here's my 2005 Chinese version from the $ store. I know it's crude compared to the "real" stuff, but the price was right for Easter Candy:

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the rabitt i have is twice as big as a chicken on a nest and is more square with its ears down in brown depression colour.just cant find any info .could it be eropean glass

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Hens on a nest vary greatly in size...I have a very tiny and have seen ones that are huge.
You say "brown" but no mention of it's opaque like slag glass or clear glass.
I suppose it could be European but the animals on the nest were pretty much an American thing.
Linda C

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this rabitt i got is almost rectangular with rounded corners about 10 inches long and 7 inches wide and has light brown wrinkly glass impresion like fur i supose

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joe, I understand you don't know how to do the picture thing as you mentioned earlier. Does that including emailing photos as well? If you know how to email a photo, if you'd like to email me any pics you have I'll be happy to upload and post them here for you. Just click on my ID.

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