Can Someone Tell Me About These Pictures

country_bumpkin_alSeptember 6, 2011

I've searched and can't seem to find anything. I'm thinking about selling them. but not sure of the value, if any.


Mark on back of both pictures.

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They are department store decorator items....very little value.
Linda C

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When were these framed medallions on velvet popular - 60's, 70's?

If tweens are still going for white French Provincial bedroom furniture - though the artwork is a bit amatuerish - these would do for boudoire decor. You could probably price them at $15 for the pair but be willing to take less.

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I figured as much! lol Just wanted to make sure and knew I'd get an honest answer here!! Thanks!!

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That company has been in business 70 years in Bronx, NY. Here is the Andrew Kolb & Son company profile.

And their web site contact information page.

And just to throw you off a bit, a review of a gallery on S Park Ave in NYC of the same name, with a phone number.

There is all kinds of contact info, including an email address at the web site. Curiosity always kills me, even if it's not a museum quality piece. Maybe you can find out more about them?

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Did they make the frames to fit the porcelain/faux ormolu things or vice versa? Like they had fan frames and no fans that fit and stuck those "things" into them. If I had a collection of fancy hat pins, I'd demount the "things" and use the velvet as the pincushion.
So what are the "things" anyway? They are supposed to be 18th c. French miniature scenes enamel on porcelain, but what's with the gilt metal frame w/handle? Sommelier cups gone to Vegas?


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They tiny portraits look like very late Victorian miniature enamels on porcelain-popular and pretty, and well suited to Victorian 'over the top' fashions. They are not 18th c and I doubt they are French, they look German but don't quote me on that. The ormolu looks of the period, the mounting on the velvet surrounds is of course later but suited to the taste of the period. I'd think you could get more than 15$ for the pair, since late Victorian stuff seems to maintain popularity.

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They are wanna-bes. Late Victorian miniatures look quite different and the "ormolu" looks very like pot metal.
If they were really late Victorian, they wouldn't have been a pair, there would have been just one as a pin or a pendant.

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A quick Google search finds this website saying 'Since 1940, the Andrew Kolb & Son gallery has been featuring high quality art at affordable prices to the wholesale furniture and design market.'


Here is a link that might be useful: Andrew Kolb and Sons

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