What's your favorite everyday run-around-town lipstick shade?

momto1December 1, 2005

I'm searching for that perfect lipstick color (who isn't?)! I want a shade that looks very natural but still gives some color, I'm thinking in the brownish-pink tones. This is just for running around town everyday, not fancy dress-up. It seems so many shades are either too dark or too light.

Why is it so hard to find that perfect color?

Any ideas for me? I have hazel eyes and blonde hair (dark tones, not super light) and fair complexion....

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Mac's Lame (don't know how to make that little French diacritical over the 'e').

I have your coloring, although I'm sure not what color my hair actually is, as I've been faithfully rinsing/hihglighting it for the last ten years to a light brown/dark blonde.

ALso love Mac creme shadows and blushers. Only thing is that they're fairly sheer, so they need to be re-applied.

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Chanel - Hydrabase "Shantung" shade with Rouge Vamp lip liner. I am CDN so we have the European version which is slightly different than US. Not only my run around town shade, only shade I have. Highly acidic - shade is different on me than on others - and so far only one I can find. Figure it will be d/c just as was the shade I used before - still made in US - but colour under same name was no where close in shade - turned hot flaming pink on me.

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I love this lipstick; Rita is the color ( how odd!) and it's by Lorac ( never heard of this line before). I got it the first time while browsing at Sephora, loved it and when I returned, I wanted 2 more tubes but they only had one left in that shade.
I won't be going to NYC for another month. It's a sheer shade of pink, with no orange undertones; it gives me a healthy lips look that I like. I have many other lipsticks but this Rita by Lorac is my favorite everyday all the time. This make of lipstick has no scent or taste and it stays on reasonably well.

I find that the older I get ( 53) the softer my lip color has to be; I watch my friends walk in with bold color on their lips and it reminds me of my aunts....
not flattering.

I also like Mac lipsticks; wore "Twig" for years; a nice creme brownish pink; I still wear it but the above Rita is a little softer in shade.

I'm always on the lookout for a nice brownish pink so if this thread gets longer with suggestions, I might end up having to buy them all, lol.....
I'm a real sucker for lipsticks.

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BeautyControl Nearly Nude is my exact lip color, and I have to admit they make decent lip stick.

my new fall favorite is Estee Lauder's copper brown, lightly applied over a lip balm.

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Clinique -- Guava Stain
I have same coloring as you also and this is my favorite everyday color.


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Lipsticks! Gah - I used to be mad over them - had boxes full. Now I've switched to lip gloss. I only wear lipstick for a special evening, then I'll put lip gloss over it. As I've aged, I too have noticed that softer is better, and the shine of a subtle gloss is more youthful looking. (Soon I'll just smear Vaseline all over my face to deflect the light, LOL!)

Estee Lauder Pure Gloss and Pure Pops. I don't like the ones in pots you have to put on with your finger. Too messy.

As far as finding a good natural shade - you just have to try, try, try lots of samples at the store.

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My very favorite shade is Loreal's "Berry Bronze". That might suit what you are looking for. I have lots of different colors depending on what I am wearing, but I always go back to my old standard "berry bronze".

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MAC lipfinity #180 or #113. I can't remember the names of the colors.
I love it because once you put it on, it STAYS on. I'm not one to carry around lipstick and touch up. I use chapstick with sunblock on top instead of the gloss stick they provide.

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mitchdesj - I just had to post to thank you for the tip about Lorac's Rita. I just got my tube yesterday. It's just as you described - just looks like your lips are healthy and natural! It's so nice and creamy to apply and I even like the scent. Perfect! Thanks :)

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I've been using L'Oreal's Earth Rose for several years, blotted, then finished with Lancome's Juicy Tube gloss in Desert. It stays put and looks natural, but still gives some color. I have a medium light, yellow based complexion with light brown hair, brown eyes.

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I realized when reading everyone else's suggestions that I messed up the name of my lipstick. It's Max Factor, not MAC, lipfinity. And thanks, I now have new lipsticks to try!

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I love the clinique shade lip liner "lip blush" used with different shades of lip gloss depending on my mood, wardrobe, etc..

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For basic every day stuff, I stick with the more inexpensive stuff like NYC or Wet N Wild. I don't have my purse handy, but Wet N Wild has a great brown-ish red shade that I've actually been wearing for years now. It's not long wearing, but really affordable, so you can stock up.

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This has been a favorite quest of mine for years: to find the shade that looks like your natural lip color, but just a tiny bit better ! Easier said than done....My newest find is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Fleshtone" #230. If you like a creamy brown-pink shade, you need to check this one out. Also, be sure to try Avon lipstick in Twig.

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rachelacy, glad you like it. I'm finishing tube #2 and can't wait to go to nyc next month and stock up on a few of them.

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Broke down and ordered 2 tubes on line from Sephora; with customs added, those lipsticks are expensive but I won't have to worry about tracking them down when I'm in nyc.

Rita is in the sheer section of the Lorac collection; which is probably why it adds color that is very subtle.

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Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It's a very sheer color that deepens your liptone a bit. I'm not a lipstick person, but I read about this one somewhere and tried it. I now own three tubes, one for my purse, one in my bathroom and a spare tube so I never run out. The color swatch on Clinique's site is blood red, but it is not like that. Give it a try at a Clinique counter. To gloss it up more, I top it off with DuWop's Lip Venom.

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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! Cindyandmocha, that is so funny that you mention the berry bronze from Loreal. I have that one and love it too but was told once at a Target that they no longer make that lipstick (shine delice). I stopped looking for it but maybe the person who told me was wrong about that, I hope so because it's a shade I really like!

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A friend of mine was wearing a great shade of lipstick. It is a sheer reddish color but quite subtle. It is lancome brownie. She is blond with brown eyes and I have light brown hair and dark brown eyes. It looks really nice on both of us. I also like MACs lipglass in Adventurous. Its a great medium pink in a sheer glossy finish. Very nice with almost everything.

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My favorite lipstick is by Mary Kay. It is called mocha freeze. it looks darker than it goes on. it looks like a mocha bronzy color. it is very flattering. i use a lip liner from wet and wild. I really like wet and wild products. I hate spending a lot of money on makeup, so when i find something that works and is reasonable i jump on it!

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My lorac shades I talked about last year are now discontinued..... wahhhhhhh, I hate it when they do that. I'm finishing up a few tubes that are down to almost nothing.

My new favorite lip color is the Clinique cream shaper pencil, "101 neutrally" is the shade, I apply it all over the lips and then a light gloss; it has a natural lip color...

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Avon Twig - pinkish brown looks totally natural on any skin tone. "Looks natural except better." My favorite for everyday running around.

Clinique lipsticks are are rather sheer so there is a broader range of colors that can work for a natural look.

For long lasting lipcolor in a natural tone, that you do not have to keep reapplying: Revlon Colorstay - Fawn is natural looking but has undertones of orange in the brown, and Flesh has undertones of pink. I change then seaonally depending whether or not I am tan.

Burt's Bees has a line of lipstick that all look pretty much natural, depending on how heavy you apply them. They only have a choice of like eight colors and are designed to go with any skin tone. For some reason I cannot find them anywhere anymore in the stores.

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I actually line my lips in nude lipliner and then use gloss to add shine. I got tired of how lip stick always flaked off. The lip liner stays on much longer then a lipstick would too.

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Mitch, I feel the same way! I loved Club Monaco's Glaze, immortalized by Monica Lewinsky. Unfortunately, it is no more. Same with Clinque's Raspberry pencil.

Ok, before I hit submit I checked online. Looks like someone in Ontario stocked up before the color was discontinued. How long does lipstick last? Her stuff has to be at least 6 years old.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glaze

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I'm not fond of lipstick, too drying. I prefer a pigmented gloss. I usually have one stashed in every handy place--pockets, car, laptop bag, purse. Right now I'm liking L'Oreal HIP brand in Mystical 258, a muted pinky color not that much different than my lip color.

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Softlips with a swipe of Jane's 'Browned Down Red.' The *only* lipstick I've ever liked, and it's cheap. :)

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I love lipstick. I have so many favorites. I really love MAC lipglass formula for a nice tinted gloss. I have several colors of these and grab them for something quick. My current favorite is Pop Mode, a soft plummy color. These things feel so good and look great also.

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~L'Oreal number 840, Nature's Blush
~Revlon number 245 Smoky Rose
These are both great "your lips but better" colors.

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I also wanted to say that Revlon Lipstick no longer has the nastly smell so those of you that swore off Revlon because you couldn't stand how it smelled, please try it again because it's unscented now!

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I think the nasty smell that Revlon lipstick had, developed when they got older and the perfume they had added had disappaited. Stores sometimes just had a lot of old product sitting on the shelves.

Some companies add a "masking scent" to their products to mask the awful smell they have. Even "unscented" products may have that.

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NO, Revlon lipsticks were completely reformulated a couple years ago or so. If you buy it at a place like Big Lots, you will get the old formula and the tube is slightly different now. It's common knowledge at other true "make-up" forums, and places like makeupalley etc. Whether they are unscented(using a masking scent) or fragrance free, I don't know...all I know is it doesn't have that sickening perfumey smell it used to have. But lipstick will stink if it's old and turn "rancid" for sure.

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