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jlj80February 18, 2014

We are redoing the kitchen in our 85+ year old house. Looking for middle-higher end appliances (full set), but not looking to spend $4500-$5000 on a range. Have looked into the 30" KitchenAid ProLine, Jenn Air Duel Fuel range with professional handles and several of the GE Profile ranges. I love the "pro" look, but need something somewhat affordable. My husband does a fair amount of cooking (4 or so nights a week)-we don't do a ton of entertaining, just major holidays a few times a year-having a hard time deciperhing the difference between the above models and whether going to the higher end on ranges (like $4000K+ for a Jenn Air Pro Style 30") is really worth it. Just looking for recommendations within the $2000-$4000 price range on ranges and also the $2000-$3000 range on a counter depth French Door refrigerator (KitchenAid/JennAir/GE?) Thank you!

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American Range ARROB-430 at $3562 with free shipping is the best range in your price range. In link below.

You can google "gardenweb performer series" or "gardenweb American Range" to read up on the 30" American Range Performer Series.

For $2200 I would go with GE JGS750SEFSS. Gas range with self-clean oven. Unless you are a fussy pastry chef you really don't need the extra temperature control of a good electric oven.

If you really want the pro-style look for $2200 then there is the NXR DRGB3001. google " gardenweb nxr" and there is plenty of info on these too.

Here is a link that might be useful: AR Performer Series

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For the fridge I would go GE CYE23TSDSS. Made in the USA on a new assembly line with the latest technology including hot water dispenser.

In link below for $2930 with free shipping.

If you are very risk averse and rather have tried and true over cutting edge/best then I would go with Samsung RFG237AARS. ~ $2200. Samsung rated best by JD Power for FD fridges the last few years and usually at the top or near the top in Consumer Reports.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE CYE23TSDSS

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I was in a similar situation as you not too long ago. I was redoing the kitchen of one of my rentals, but unlike most of them this was a higher end vacation rental so I couldn't just use my usual strategy of asking the appliance place for the cheapest matching appliance package possible. I also didn't want to break the bank on super fancy stuff. I decided a good compromise would be a JennAir package. So far, so good! This is based on feedback from guests and my own experiences using the appliances. JennAir's bad reputation comes from Maytag's bad years. I will be honest, at the lower end of the pro range segment a lot of it is about looks and other than increased BTU in some cases, performance will not be _that_ much better than consumer level ranges.

Most people here are all for mixing and matching appliances, and getting the best from each manufacturer. While for the most part I agree (and that's what I did in my own kitchen) I think there are times when appliance packages make sense. Don't get me wrong, the package Deeageaux proposes will beat out any single manufacturer in terms of performance, but in case you aren't the type to get stuff like this from eBay and want a single source, I'm throwing in a good word for the Jenn Air package. I especially like the range and fridge. The dishwasher is fine but I like my own better.

I would second Deeageux's recommendation on the fridge if you are going to go with different manufacturers rather than a package. I have the model below that in my own kitchen (PYE23) because I was unimpressed with the hot water dispenser on the Cafe. At first I was really excited about the idea of it using heat rejected from the fridge to heat the water, but I realized it didn't actually do that, and after trying it out myself I learned that after pressing the hot water button you had to wait quite a while before it actually dispensed because it heats the water on demand. I really like my Profile model though.

I would never buy a Samsung fridge again. Been there, done that. You can read online rankings/reviews until you're blue in the face but there's a lot you'll never learn about an appliance until you try to repair it. Let's just say I was astounded by the stupidity of whoever thought the thing up. I could have designed a better fridge, and I am far from an expert. It was constructed in a way that made it difficult to work on, and service information was difficult to find. I'd say if you don't want the GE Cafe or Profile counter depth french door, look into a lower end GE or Whirlpool. Always look into the service aspect before you buy an appliance. Even if you don't repair your own appliances like I do, the easier the technician's life is, the easier your life will be.

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Get Miele for the dishwasher. My recent acquisition of their lowest end model classic 4225 for about $900 has been spectacular. You will not regret it. Bosch a close second. Higher end Miele very nice.

I have a 4 year old KitchenAid counter depth fridge, paid $1899 for black. Only gripe is that condensate drain freezes up, so if you have wood floors there is some risk. Temp control, noise, interior parts all very good.

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