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cactuscatieSeptember 4, 2011

My husband and I have been antiquing for years. Now that we renovated our home, we are looking for furniture. Most antique stores show mostly collectables and not much furniture. So we are thinking about going to auctions.

We live in New Jersey. Does anyone know how we can find out about auctions on the east coast. Thanks everyone.

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Auctions will be4 advertised. Look in your local paperf or even in the other papers like the Inquirer.

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Our home is almost entirely furnished from auctions, so I would like to offer a few bits of advice.

Finding auctions- antiqueweekdotcom has a list of national auctions, craigslist is amazing for auctions, local papers of course, but one of the best is to ask some of your favorite antique stores. If they aren't really into furniture, it won't be an awkward conversation.

They will know who is good out there, and which place hasn't been so great since the grandpa who started the business died a few years back.

Most auction houses have schedules going out a few months, and will email you when each happens.

When you find a promising auction, check out the auction house web site, making sure you look at past sale results. You quickly learn which ones sell at more wholesale prices, and which are closer to retail. I have seen items sell for a few hundred at the first type of sale, then sell again for several thousand in the other type of sale.

Also check out the buyers premium. An auction house in the Seattle area I used to LOVE raised their BP to a level that makes most items too expensive for us.

Check to see if the auction is online as well. That can really raise prices.

Remember that there is no buyer's remorse in auction land. Go to the previews and be sure your items are all that they seem to be.

Finally, some of our best auction purchases came not from the actual auction, but from the furniture dealers we met there.

I love auction prices, I love auction environments, I love auction treasures!

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Wow, thanks so much for the info. It will really help us get started on auctions and finding our antique furniture. I am so excited to experience the auction environment. Thanks again for taking the time to help. Auctions here we come!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Freeman's in Philadelphia holds auctions regularly. You can check online to see what is coming up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Freeman's

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You should already know about this but if not, get a copy of the weekly "Antiques & Auction News" from the entrance of any shop or gallery.
Check out weekly Crumpton Auction, Crumpton MD
Also Blue Hen Auctions in Dover, this is an exceptional auction several times per year, no sales tax in DE.

Here is a link that might be useful: Antiques and Auction News

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Also watch Antique Road Show. Many of the people there have their own companies plus the two brothers have started their own show and go all over the country.

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Sign up here for emails of upcoming auctions in your area. You'll get plenty of notice, the email will link to the action listings so you can browse photos and see if you want to attend any or not (big time saver). Click on Free Alerts (above yellow box in the center) and sign up for those.

And for Estate Sales & more, check here. The only downside is the email is sent just the day before the sale, maybe 2 at most (in my area). I suppose to keep early birds that try to show up a day or so early away. You can also preview photos of what will be at the sale. They're going to show photos of the nicest items, so that will give you a feel general feel for how good the sale or auction might be in general. If their photos don't do much for me I figure there won't be anything better than that at the actual sale.

Also check your paper (weekends are good) for auctioneers or auction ads, and go to the auctioneer's web site and sign up for emails. There is one local auctioneer near me that doesn't participate in any sites like those above. If I didn't get emails directly from them, I'd miss out on some really good auctions. Oh, and on that note, don't steer clear if they are farther away. This particular auctioneer is based a pretty good hike from me, but often holds auctions that are much closer to my house.

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DH and I used to go to house auctions frequently. I live in Lancaster Co, PA, and around here, people are frugal and never throw anything away!

We moved to a retirement community and had to downsize so we don't go to very many auctions anymore. However, we recently bought 3 boxes of dishes at an auction for $5. Included in the box lots were 6 Haviland Limoges luncheon plates in perfect condition that I sold on eBay for $60.

Prices have really tanked at auctions so you can find many bargains now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Conestoga Auction

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