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brownthumbiaDecember 19, 2011

Some time ago I asked for advice on nails that just look terrible. It seems that at that time someone recommended some vitamin to take that will strengthen my nails. Does anyone have a clue what vitamin it was? It seems to me like it could have been one of the B vitamins. I have tried several brands of nail covering but nothing helps for me. My nails are so rough along the edges and no matter how I file or what I file with, the next thing I know...they're rough again. Oooh, how I envy anyone with long pretty nails. Luck you!! Thanks for your help. I'll try doing something for them from the inside this time.

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Biotin, perhaps. This product has a lot of it in it. I have used this and it is helpful. Biotin alone will help too,

Here is a link that might be useful: Hair and nails vitamins

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barnmom yes thank you! I recognized what it was the minute I saw your reply. Wish there was somewhere that sells the product you recommended but I couldn't see where they said you could buy it over the counter anywhere but their website. Well, I will just get some regular Biotin for now. Thanks a lot for your help. I sure do need it. BT

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Before I started giving my nails some much needed attention, they too were rough, and splitting and brittle.

I've always heard that emery boards, if not used properly, can actually cause nail damage, particularly if the boards are a bit worn on the edges.

I got a Sally Hansen Ahead of the Curve Sapphire Nail File at WM and really like it.

I'm 'thinking' that Walmart also has Hair and Nail Vitamins, though I'm not sure of what they contain that would be beneficial to nails.

I've found too, that keeping something on my nails most of the time, really helps them. Everything I use is pretty neutral colored, so when it gets some age on it (chipping), it isn't unsightly like chipped 'colored' nails look.

Once you notice a nail snagging on things, it is important to see what is causing the problem, and get it smoothed/filed, and get a coating of hardener or clear polish on it, asap. I've found that if I ignore a rough or splitting nail, I almost always regret it as it will end up tearing off.

Good luck...Hopefully in time you will have some nice nails and be showing them off by wearing some rings.

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My nails had for years been thin and started using silk wraps which eventually made them less strong. I finally gave it up when I found a product called Onymyrrhe. I was able to give up the wraps and used this every few days over, under or w/o nail polish. I started to disappear and I was able to find a small supply but eventally ran out. I found Sally Hansen's nail growth miracle and it works pretty good but now and then my nails break when I stop polishing them with the miracle. I did a search for the Onymyrrhe and FOUND IT on Amazon of all places. While searching for it on the internet I ran across a guitar users site that was also looking for this product as it helped strengthen nails for guitar users. I would check it out if you are still trying to grow fingernails. I haven't been using Hansen's often enough and let my nails grow too long and my little finger's nail broke down to the quick so ran across the Onymyrrhe as I was searching just in case it was available somewhere. Good luck on your nails.

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Ask your Dr. to prescribe Folic Acid for you. It is stronger than the Folic Acid you buy over the counter.
You will be amazed how it improves not only your nails, but also your hair and skin. It is cheap and really works.

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Gelatin works wonders to strengthen hair. Take a packet of gelatin (I use Knox, found by the Jello) and make a cup of very hot tea. Mix in the gelatin (it has to be really hot or the gelatin won't dissolve completely) and add sugar or whatever you want. Drink it all before it gets too cool or you will have tea-flavored Jello!

The flavor of the gelatin is almost none, a slight lemon flavor if anything, so the tea tastes good.

This is also great for your hair, mine grows at least an inch a month and is shiny, strong and healthy.

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Oooh, sorry, the first sentence should have been "Gelatin works wonders to strengthen nails", but it works great for hair too!

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when I stop taking my vitamins I notice a difference in about a month. Sometimes I just get lazy about refilling the box with all the boxes for individual days, am, noon, pm, etc.

multivitamin from Costco
Calcium magnesium blend

It doesn't seem to make a difference if I purchase the $30 bottle of natural vitamins or the inexpensive Costco versions, so I am just going the Costco route.

I'm not sure which vitamin makes the difference.

Also remember to wear gloves when gardening. The dirt eats up my nails faster than the vitamins repair them and grow out.

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