how do I prevent wrinkles before they start

vacuumfreakDecember 21, 2006

Hi there... I am 23... Is there something I can do to prevent wrinkles before they start... a cream to use, or something I can do in my daily routine? thanks

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Don't smoke.
Use sunscreen everyday.
Don't tan/sunbathe.
Get enough sleep.
Eat a balanced diet.
Drink plenty of water.
Have great genes. (not much you can do about this one)

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I think sunblock is number one; don't forget your neck when applying. The sooner you start shielding your skin from the sun, the better. You're very smart to think about this in your 20's while you're still ahead of the game.

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Ask any dermatologist. Your worst enemy is the sun. Use sunblock whenever you go outdoors. That means not only on your face, but also on your neck and neck area, and the backs of your hands. Those brown spots that your grandma has on her hands are from the sun (and probably a bit genetic).

I just had a squamus cell carcinoma removed from my collarbone. It was tiny and it looked like other benign skin anomalies that I've had. My dermadoc removed it and it's gone, no further problems anticipated. He said "use sunblock, always, past the neckline of the most open blouse that you wear".

Also wear sunglasses whenever you go outside, even to the mailbox, big wraparounds that protect the corners of your eyes. Aside from their looking glamourous, they will fend off those wrinkles that crinkle up at the corners of the eyes. My eyes are sun-sensitive, so I've done this all of my adult life. Both the dermadoc and the eyedoc insist on it also.

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Yes, sunscreen is very important--but it has to have UVA and UVB protection to be effective. Make sure it has one of the following ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or avobenzone.

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I agree with the above -- Sunscreen, Suncreen, Suncreen. I never used it at your age (don't even know if it was around then) and I am literally paying the price for it. I am constantly having "things" lasered off my face.

However, I don't have any wrinkles anymore. That little surgery cost me $10,000.

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USE AT LEAST a 30 SPF SUNSCREEN!!!!!!! And limit your time in the sun. I can't stress this enough. If you're all for tanning, use the fake stuff. You'll thank yourself later. FYI: Tanning beds are no good; just as bad as the real thing.

Wear a hat and sunglasses when you're out. Big sunglasses protect the area under your eye.

Mosturize the face/body/hands and drink alot of water. Use a good under eye mosturizing cream too. If you smoke, stop. That will age you tremendously, not to mention the lines around the mouth from punkering.

I'm sure you've heard all this before, but reading it again can't hurt!

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I agree with the sunscreen suggestions. Stay out of the sun. Nothing will make your skin look old before its time like the sun. Practice good skin care now and continue your routine as your skin ages. Sometimes when we are young we think what we use on the skin won't matter. It does, so treat it right. Here's a line of products I like

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