What is the big to-do over Mason-Pearson hairbrushes?

michelle_phxazDecember 21, 2010

I read in a magazine tips from hair stylists that a great investment into your haircare was a Mason Pearson hairbrush. It didn't say the natural or nylon bristles were better than the other, so, being on a budget, I purchased the nylon one for $50, the natural bristle one was up to $100. It is supposed to pull the oils from your scalp to distribute the natural conditioner (oil) evenly, but all my hair did was get really static-y. I have very long, very straight, healthy thick hair so I thought this would be a no-brainer to help keep my hair healthy.

I went back to my old $3 brush and love it much better. Why do people rave about this brush, is it because the natural bristles are better which I will never know about?

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Possibly it's because the hairdressers put more wear and tear on their brushes so the high quality makes them last longer, for you and me it may not make a difference. Sorry it didn't work out, that's annoying !

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Ahhh, good point. I can tell it is good quality, but I just prefer the $3 model!

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