Armoire, what do you think?

jjaazzySeptember 11, 2012

I have this Armoire that I would like to sell now. I don't know what you call it, French maybe? IDK

It is solid wood top to bottom, including drawers. It has a couple of issues, one is a missing drawer pull on lower drawer, and the other is some water damage towards the bottom rear.

It stands about 6ft high at the highest point and 39" wide and 18" deep.

What do you think something like this should be sold for?

I will post pictures in a following post. I am not the best picture poster.. From 2012-09-09

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It looks very like a TV armoire which was so popular about 15 years ago....which makes it "used furniture".
Where did you get it?

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From From 2012-09-09

From 2012-09-09 From 2012-09-09 href=";feat=embedwebsite">2012-09-09 From 2012-09-09

Well, well I just posted pictures... I think! Something I have been avoiding..... well if anything I did that today.

Ok, any help you can provide me with this cabinet would be great I would like to find a new home for it. TIA!

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My Cousin found it in a store in Boca Raton, FL about 20 years ago, it was used then. As you can see now, it is set up for storage.

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It's not an antique...just a furniture store armoire...fake worm holes and all.
This is not a place to sell things....list it on Craig's list, or put an ad in the paper.

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Unless the upper inside has been reworked, it is not a TV armoire. The mirror suggests it was for clothing. It strikes me as Moorish/Mediterranean influence so popular in the mid-seventies. If there are no composite woods/plastic shelf brackets inside, it wasn't too cheaply made, but can see the doors don't line up perfectly. I do not believe it's any older than forty years or so. Is it heavy as sin? I have no clue on value for a resale. It would be very dependent on locality and what style flies on older furniture where you live. That style/motif dates it but not in a good way as a collectable just yet.

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Calliope, thank you for your help and detailed info. I will look for the plastic bits. I believe they are metal. Yes it's very heavy, especially for it's size. It's not that big a cabinet. A few years ago I was hosting Jewelry sales in my home and I couldn't believe the buzz over this cabinet. I however was not ready to let it go as it was stuffed with STUFF! I have never heard of Moorish/Mediterranean, interesting, not French aye?.. I am not familiar with all these other styles as my house is contemporary, think Danish Modern style.

Lidac... what did I say exactly that made you think I was trying to sell this item here? I simply was asking for advice so that I can advertise this piece properly. I have been on these forums a long long time and I don't appreciate your snooty snotty reply. Who made you the gate keeper! If you have nothing constructive to say, well then.... stop trying to turn these boards into a battle field......... it is a waste of energy and it makes you look bad.
I like a pleasant experiance..... as I think we all do.

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When people post here, showing something which is not antique and asking what people think and saying it's for sale, it sure sounds like you are looking on this site for a buyer.
Particularly when you posted on another forum that you were looking for an appraisal.

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It kind of reminds me of pieces that were made for hotels in a basic format with the decorative aspects to fit the motif.

I think whenever anyone uses "sell" or "for sale" in a sentence, money is automatically deducted from Linda's bank account or something, because she's awfully touchy about it. 8-l

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It would take very little for this site to deteriorate to another Craig's list. This a place for discussion of antiques or near antiques and the heading on the page says.

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Thanks palimpsest, I never thought about the hotel idea, and that is very very likely as my cousin actually got two the same day and her mother now has the other one. Interesting...
Any of you have a clue as to how much I should ask? I went on eBay and the prices were all over the map from 200.00 to 1700.00 for similar looking pieces. The lower being more of a target quality and the other probably some known manufacturer. I would just like somewhere to start. Don't want to over price it cause I want it gone. Yet I would like to get as much as I can so I can send it to my cousin who moved to colorado springs for her daughter an olympic figure skating hopeful and could use the money. Figured you guys are around resell stores a lot and might know how to price it. Thank you for your help, every little bit helps.
Btw.. Your too funny with your comments! I got a kick out of that. : )

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It makes sense that this could be an item used commercially, like in a hotel. Box store quality wouldn't hold up, but not 'fine' furniture either. I like the piece myself for its functionality, but then again I live in an old house built with no closets. You must be a young thing not to remember the Mediterranean furniture craze of the seventies. Heavy, clunky styling, lots of wrought iron brackets, the 'fake' worm holes. I've always been into antiques, but when we bought our first house my husband wanted the lower level done in masculine decor and we bought mediterranean styled new furniture for it. I still have the tin 'Don Quixote' man, and Spanish-style lanterns. They're so funky and camp I couldn't bear to part with them. LOL Made from recycled refrigerators. I digress, but furniture like that still evokes warm fuzzies of an earlier era, but not earlier enough for people to go looking for it and collecting it like is happening with mid-century modern now. I give it a decade or two and expect it'll happen, however. This looks like a nice, solid, functional and attractive piece, and wish you the best in getting a decent price.

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Sure, Linda, but unless they post their phone number and address or link to Craigslist or eBay, I think they are just trying to get an idea, not actually trying to get someone on here to buy it. And those types of posts can be reported, or ignored.

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Jjazzy, check your local craigslist to get an idea of what price people are asking. (Note: "asking" you may never know if a piece has ever sold, or what the going price was.)

In my area (Central Florida) piece like yours would not sell for over $ 75.00.
Last year, we purchased an Ethan Allen armoire in 'like new' condition for $125.00.

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I think this is one of those things that isn't going to have a inherent value or one that can be assigned like a typical piece of say, Broyhill Brasilia which is mass produced and of the same era, more or less, but has a following.

The value is how much someone is willing to pay for it and that audience may be there one day, or on vacation the week you put it on Craigslist.

In my area, you would only appeal to the hipster market with something like this. They would buy it to be ironic and combine it with crushed velvet chairs or something. They might pay a couple hundred for it. If you are someplace with Spanish revival architecture you might get a bit more, but in general I wouldn't have great expectations. In my area this could be one of those things that ended up going free for whoever wanted to pick it up, too.

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Thank you all for your insight, help, support and understanding with what I was trying to acomplish here. I hope that I can get it to move, I would love to get some money together for my cousin. I did look at craigslist other listings and they are pretty low which is great when your buying but not so great when your selling. Well see how it goes I put best offer and will keep posting it. You never know. eBay is another option but I'm not interested in dealing with shipping.... Thanks to you guys I now know it's Mediterranean. Yea in the 70's I was in grade school lol! Thank you all...

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...Linda is also a little too 'brisk'(quick)in her responses here, sometimes to the point of sounding like a put-down. When i've heard the word fake, or a comment such as 'it's not even an antique' or 'it's not old', I usually cringe, hoping it doesn't give the poster the idea there are only 'snooty' serious antique collectors here, which I know i'm not.

I don't want or mean to offend you Linda, but am speaking from the way i've felt since I started coming here. You are VERY knowledgeable, and i've 'called upon' your opinion a few times. I just feel maybe you should read thru your post to see how it 'sounds' before submitting. Again, ((please)) don't be offended.

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Thank you, I was really blind-sided by the whole thing and felt like a bullied school girl and I was insulted. I had originally posted in furniture and was refered to this site then I felt like I walked into a private home or something. Generally spammers join, then post something for sale, and then there gone. Thanks to the kindness of the wonderful people that came to my defense I actually got what I was after, and I did get valuable info. Some folks just need to be heard....somewhere. I love this board and hope it is around a long time it has allowed me to gut and remodel a bathroom and it came out fantastic I might add and I am just finishing up a kitchen remodel. I think when you don't make people feel welcome it degrades a site faster then a simple advertisement. You can ignore the occasional spam or two that float on by. But on an other site there was talk of a law suit it got so heated. Who needs that in their off time from work? Thank you all.

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Looks like a large and heavy contemporary wardrobe to me. This is a perfect scenario for donating to Goodwill or Purple Heart. They will come and pick up and you get a full tax writeoff.

Here is a link that might be useful: Purple Heart donations

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Jazz, did you ever sell this armoire? And, if so, did you get a decent price? I ask because I'm looking for a similar piece. I'm in the process of relocating my dad's cute little camp to my back yard to use for a crafting cottage. Hoping to outfit it in an "early Craigslistish" décor. Shelving today costs a fortune, far more than the price of a couple of these babies which can be upcycled. I find, however, a lack of consistency in pricing on CL.
Pal, you crack me up. Kudos to you and Pat for your quick rescue. Jazz, you're a brave child for speaking up for yourself. I would have never mustered that courage and probably would have just deleted my GW acct. rather than subject myself to future insult.
With that said and, because I don't want to be reprimanded for posting in the incorrect category, I will attempt to post pics of my favorite pieces from some of the things I inherited from my mom.

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