Please help date this box and id the wood

frescafizzSeptember 15, 2010

I'd appreciate some help with this box. This box was my grandmother who said her grandfather (or great gf?) made it using logs he found and floated down the Monongahela river.

I have included photos of the oldest looking nails as well as the "newer" looking nails. There have been repairs made, including the addition of many nails and varnish, but the original wood and nails are there. Any idea what sort of wood this is and when it may have been made? The front lock and side handles were recent additions to make it easier to use- the original had no hardware to my knowledge. The box is lighter than expected based on size. Don't know enough about saw marks to comment. I'm trying to figure out an approx date in the hope of figuring out which ancestor made it.

Here are photos of the oldest nails plus newers nail used to make repairs, the entire box, the inside of the box, and a side view showing the general construction. I have more photos if needed.

What can you tell me about this box (other than some may find it extremely ugly, lol)? Thanks for taking a look. Liz

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Looks like a mix of pine and oak....with hand wrought nails...which buts it before about 1850.

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Thank you!! The pre-1850 date helps me pinpoint the grandfather who made it. I guess there is the possibility it was made after 1850 using old nails but the odds of that are probably very slim.

Thanks again,

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