Has this happened to you?

gardengrlDecember 1, 2005

I've been seeing "Edwin" my hair stylist for about 10 years now. He's good, I mean really good. A good hair stylist is like the perfect pair of shoes or like your ultimate favorite ice cream that you return back to no matter what fads come and go. I think I've been seeing him longer than I was with my ex-husband! But that's another story...

In the past, I've had one other good hairdresser that I followed from salon to salon. It didn't matter where she went, I would be there. Then I found Edwin. He works at an "uppity" store which is expensive, but worth it. He's even done runway model styling. I have long, straight hair and he can give a really good cut that lasts me for three months. It's all about layers baby!

So I called this week and Edwin has left my salon and the salon won't tell me where he went! I've had this happen with my previous hair stylist as they are afraid of losing clients. This salon views their customers as "their" property and wouldn't let him contact his clients prior to leaving.

What should I do? How can I find Edwin; I don't know his last name???!!

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Yes, it did happen to me but I was able to find her because the old salon told me where she now works. If I were you I would let my fingers do the walking and call some of the most upscale salons in your town and ask if he works there. Of course this may be difficult if you live in NY or Chicago, say, as opposed to Newark!

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I think Edwin will somehow get in touch with you.

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Yes, it has happened to me but I once told my gal that if she ever left she better tell me where she went so I can follow. She called me shortly after she quit the first place and I followed her to the new place.

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This did happen to me and I never found the person again. The next hairdresser I got to liking, I made sure to give her my card with my phone number and asked her to keep it if she ever left. Well, when she left she moved out of state, LOL. In my town, some of the salons print pictures of their new hairdressers to welcome them (and hopefully entice their regular customers to the new salon) in their newspaper ads. Maybe you'll see Edwin's picture in the paper.

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If you come right out and ask, chances are they won't tell you. They want to keep you as a customer. So, you need to find a hairdresser there that has been around awhile. Then, some day while getting your hair done, nonchalantly ask him/her - What ever happened to Edgar or Edward or whatever his name is? Okay, it is a little sneaky, but it might work.

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My niece is a hairdresser and has recently changed salons, she was not allowed to tell any of her clients or her workmates that she was leaving. If the salon finds out that she got in contact with any of her past clients to let them know where she is now working she can be sued. She had to sign a contract regarding it. She's not even supposed to let her old workmates know where she is working now. If your hairdresser was working for the salon and not as a freelancer hiring a spot in the salon I bet that is the case for him too.

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I had a young girl haircutter I just adored, I found Wendy after trial-and-error at maybe five different salons. She cut my thin,wavy hair perfectly. It fell just right, and I could wash and wear if I didn't have time to blow dry. Then one day she told me she was studying makeup and liked that better than haircutting. A few weeks later, she left the salon with no word of where she moved to. It turned out she had moved to New York City. And I never found her after that. Hope you have better luck with your Edgar.

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If you liked him as a stylist that much, why not place an ad in the paper?

Looking for "Edwin" who used to work at ______...

Someone who knows him may see it & tell him about it. Maybe he'd see it himself.

I believe the newspaper will have a code for an ad should you not want to give your name & number in the ad & he'd have to contact the paper who'd get in touch with you. It's probably best that way, to avoid all the freaks who aren't "Edwin" who might call you.

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Yes, I've had it happen more than once. My hair is thin and flyaway and it's difficult to make it look decent so I have only found three hairdressers in my lifetime who could do anything with it. I lost the first two this way. Now I've decided if someone in the shop refuses to tell me where the hairdresser went I never do any more business with the shop for that reason.

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Yes, I finally found the only person who knew the right style for me and cut my hair perfectly! Her name is Jewels and she used to be at the Regis salon in the Danbury Mall. She left and they won't tell me where she went. PLEASE, if anyone knows where she is please email me at egdesigns@optonline.net
I think she lives around Carmel NY.
I would appreciate it tremendously!

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My hairdresser has changed salons 3 times in the few years that I have been going to her and each time she called to let me know where she was going.

The most recent salon she left is now threatening to sue her for "stealing" phone numbers off the computer.

I don't understand why there is this restriction. My hairdresser is young and each time she has moved it has been for a better situation. Not allowing her to take her clientele with her would mean that she would have to slowly built up a new customer base each time she moved.

I personally feel that if the salon owners treat their employees well, the employees would want to stay with them.

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hairdressers should have their phone numbers with them from day one so they are prepared when they leave.

I can understand that the salons don't willingly give out the info.

A hairdresser could have an inexpensive website so their name could be googled and they could be found.

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