Recessed Medicine Cabinet - show me yours

rufinoroxJanuary 27, 2012

Im looking for a recessed medicine cabinet, preferably frameless mirror. I'd like to see some installed. Does anyone have images they can post?

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This one is a Nutone 52WH344DP. You buy them singly--as many as you want and then install them together. We put in a triple over the double vanity.

I should've cleaned it before photographing it, but it's getting late and I'm sleeeepy....

The interiors have nice glass shelves and a mirrored back wall. They are very nicely made.

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Just don't use the Restoration Hardware one, whatever you do. You can see what happened to mine in the other thread here where I posted my mirror and my experience.

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We used Robern recessed med cabs in all three bathrooms (mid-level in two bathrooms, a higher-end model in the MB because we wanted a 6" deep med cab in that bathroom--we didn't get it with any bells and whistles extras). Quality of all 3 is great, and all 3 could have been mounted with either a right or left opening (you just flip the cab over to mount either way). Ours have flat mirrors, but I think we could have gotten the same dimensions with beveled mirrors had we so desired.

You can see pics or ours in my sub-albums on the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: cat_mom's bathroom albums

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Robern Uplift

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Like cat-mom, we used Robern 24x30 recessed cabinets in the MB. Excellent quality. I happen to still have a picture of the framing before they went in:

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How much space to you need to "lift" up Robern uplifts?

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A standard 8' ceiling works just fine? The min space would be 28"

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Check out "Afina Broadway" models. I just did a lot of research and this seemed to be the best value compared to Robern (although I do love the uplift model). The have polished edges (no bevel) as an option, and are all aluminum cabinets. I ordered the "TD4836RBRD", which is a super large one (3 doors), but I haven't received it yet,

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I just received my Afina broadway today by freight shipper. Made in china, but It's the real deal, all aluminum, and bomber hinges. So far so good.

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