receding hair line!

vacuumfreakDecember 4, 2005

I am 22 and my hair is starting to recede around in the front almost to a widows peak. I have lots on top though! My family has never seemed to have a problem with this issue. I tried a shapmoo system called Rejuvxx, but it was very expensive and tedious, and didn't produce results. I bought a product called Procerin. It is pills and a syrum versus shampoo. It just came in the mail yesterday, so I haven't started using it. I guess it is a DHT inhibitor, which means that the hair should grow when the DHT isn't preventing it from doing so. Just wondering if any of you have any experience with any of these products. I don't want to go bald or have surgery, and it isn't bad now (I'm very self conscious though), but I don't want the condition to worsen. I've heard dreadful things about rogaine, not even considering it as an option. Thanks for your help!

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without a trip to the dermatologist, you have no way to know if you have a nutritient deficiency, a genetic hair line exherting itself, or if you've just consistently been wearing your pony tail too tight.

and 'hearing' dreadful things about a drug is not the same thing as doing the research for yourself.

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