36 inch oven too small??

cdinaFebruary 26, 2009

I was thinking of buying a 36 inch wall oven and installing it in my base cabinets under a cooktop. I don't have room for a double wall oven, which is what I really want. My appliance salesman told me that while the oven is large, it is more like a pizza oven because it is long and won't fit a large turkey. Does anyone know if this is true?

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It would help if you told us which oven you mean--what brand? model?

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I am torn between the Kitchen Aid 36 inch electric wall oven and the pricier, but beautiful 36 inch Wolf electric wall oven.

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Well, it depends what type of cooking you do. For me it wouldn't work because I do cook turkeys, lots of pies at once and big batches of cookies.

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Why not a 36" range?

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Most of the 36 inch ranges that I have seen are very pricey. Can you recommend something that would be less than $6,000?

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I have a 36" Viking oven and actually roasted a 15-pound turkey last night in one of those speckled navy blue roasting pans that is oval-shaped and about 14" wide, 19" long and 8" high. There was only about 1 1/2" additional depth in the oven with the pan in there. The turkey came out fine but I have problems with anything I bake, which is mostly cookies. The temperature fluctuates all over the place - drops about 25-50' when I put the cookie sheets in but then the oven doesn't click on to reheat, so sometimes I turn the control knob up a bit; if I forget to keep an eye on the oven, it tends to creep up way over the set temp. I had the original oven replaced about six months after it was installed but the second one isn't any better. Sometimes I think the problem is that the oven is actually so wide it can't retain a stable temp. Sometimes I'll even preheat for an hour or two just to preclude the temperature variation problem if I want to bake but what a waste of energy. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't waste the money, at least on a Viking - I hate my oven.

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Thanks for the feedback on the turkey, that was helpful.

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