Hydro Systems or MTI Air Bath?

seasidemermaidJanuary 23, 2013

I think we've finally decided to go with an air bath. We are looking at the Hydro Systems Lacey. MTI has a similar model (Andrea) for a bit more. Is it worth the extra money to go with MTI? And, is the air hole pattern even comfortable to sit on being that the holes are at the bottom of the tub? Finally, are we going to regret not getting an in-line heater even though we aren't getting any whirlpool jets?

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I don't know about MTI or Hydro System, but this is what I know about jetted bath tubs.

The water never drains from the piping in the tub. This encourages growth of mold and other organisims inside the pipes. You will need to clean the tub (fill and run cleaner) atleast once or twice a month.

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I thought one of the main benefits of an air bath is that there are no pipes for the water to circulate. Maybe I'm wrong?

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I couldn't respond to the email you sent me, so I'll answer here. We did get the Hydro Systems Alexis. Our bathroom got put on hold and we are just now starting back up again. It hasn't been installed (yes, I got it 3 years ago). The tile guy is coming today to measure and give us an estimate. I'm hoping to have it installed within a couple of months. Sorry, this isn't much help.

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I have the MTI caribe and I LOVE my tub. There are no pipes for the water to circulate in air baths like w/ jacuzzis. I can't compare to hydro systems obviously since I don't have one, but I really like the adjustable air bubbles on the MTI and I liked the flexibility to customize the tub.

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Thank you countrygal for getting back to me. :)

Beaglesdoitbetter, are the holes at the bottom of the tub uncomfortable at all? Also, did you opt for an inline heater?

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la_cocina the holes at the bottom are not uncomfortable. You can't tell they are there if you aren't using the air bubbles and when the bubbles are on, you just sort of get an all-over bubble feel.

We got the radiant heat instead of the inline heater, there was no option to get both and I didn't want to have to get into a cold tub. The water stays very warm and I take long baths so I do not wish I had the inline heater.

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Thank you Beaglesdoitbetter! Just looked further into the hole pattern and it looks like there are two options, one is the Aria with 20 jets and the other is the Aria Elite with 30 jets. The Aria hole pattern is evenly spaced throughout while the Aria Elite has more of a sculpted pattern with no holes where you'd normally be seated. Do you have the regular Aria? If so, that would aleviate my concerns about comfort.

I love the idea of the radiant heat vs. the inline so thank you for that idea. With an inline, it looks like the water runs through the unit which requires an intake and output and detracts from the smooth lines of the tub.

Can I ask what drain you opted for? We were advised against the toe tap, so the only other options are the lift and turn or the cable driven system.

Depending on what the price quote comes in at, our preference is for the MTI. The interior of the Hydro Systems Lacey seemed so much more narrow than the MTI even though they have the same exterior dimensions.

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We have the MTI Harmony in the whirlpool/airbath combo. Our airbath holes are at the bottom and the whirlpool jets are the sides and either ends of the tub. We have the inline heater on ours and I love how warm the water stays. I tried to get a picture of the bubble pattern but can't seem to capture it accurately.

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I am seriously considering the MTI Andrea 8 drop in air bath. We sat in many different tubs and this one seemed to have the most comfortable incline, and we liked the optional arm rests. Can anyone tell me if the heater which comes with this tub keeps the water warm? Most of the other tubs we considered had a separate heater in addition to the air pump.

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