cement board and sheetrock joint

kboeckmanJanuary 7, 2009

How do you finish the joint when cement board and sheetrock meet at the ceiling? We are going to tile the wall up to the ceiling, but don't know if we should use the fiberglass mesh and joint compound or the cement board adhesive?

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Won't the joint then be covered with the tile if I understand you correctly?
In which case, I think you could either grout (not always good at the change of plane) or caulk (can use the caulk that matches the grout) there. I think I would avoid anything that would get between your tile and the surface it needs to adhere to, and it won't be visible- right?

Hopefully someone more in the know will give you some informed advice ;-0

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As stated above you don't have to do anything because the caulked joint atop the last row of tile will give seal enough. Since it's that high above the water source, there would be no harm in mudding and taping provided the tape is set in "Durabond" which is a mud mixed dry from powder that basically won't redissolve in water the way regular mud will do.
Now, hopefully, the drywall wasn't hung with the tapered side right against the joint. If it was, then you will have to tape the seam to level off the surface. If you want a waterproof tape (instead of paper) you can get a plastic tape that will stick to the mud. Fiberglass mesh tape is bloody awful in corners.

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