Hair Stylists and how to get the style I want

bizzylizzyDecember 2, 2006

Hi, I've been lurking here off and on, but have a long time problem. My hair is a bit thick and coarse. I often get a shag or layered bob (can't commit to one style yet). But, my biggest peeve right now it this "slicing" technique that they've been doing to my hair over the last 2 years. It makes my hair very raggedy and sharp looking. Is that a fad? Or is it the new preferred way to cut? With my normally coarse hair, it makes it look very sharp and unhealthy, is there such a thing as sleak or subtle layers that are better made wihout "slicing"? How can I inspire my next stylist (I've tried a few now) not to slice my hair?

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Tell the stylist no razor! Layers can be achieved with scissors. It just takes longer.

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Thanks. Actually razoring is even sleeker than what the stylists do now. The "slicing" technique is when they cut on an angle little snips so that all the layers are uneven, it's like each layer is more like a zig zag pattern or some nasty dog's teeth - lol - for lack of better description. I guess it's supposed to add a bit of texture to the style. I personally hope that this slicing fad will end soon. But I think it's also not the stylist's fault, they can clearly see my hair is sliced in the previous cut, so think I'm o.k. with it and keep doing it (even when I bring a picture in of something clearly more subtle).

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Slicing has been around for a long time. I tell the stylist not to "cut in" with scissors. It just leaves a lot of uneven ends that stick out.

I still don't know how to communicate best to get a good cut, but in addition to no cutting in, I say "very limited layering. A couple of long layers that are almost the the same length is ok". And I say I want as geometric a cut as possible - "a structured cut". My hair can provide it's own randomness, thank you very much. Those mess-making techniques are for hair that is fine, or straight. Or for coarse or curly hair in the hands of a real shaping expert, and those experts are very few and far between. They exist, but you have to hunt, and wait a long time for an appointment, and pay big $$$$.

I ask for a structured bob, emphasizing that I want to achieve an overall shape and definite line or edge.
The behavior of my hair then softens this edge, but it looks cared for and even.

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jamies, I'd love to see a picture of what you mean -- either yourself or something similar? thanks either way....

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I love this post because I know exactly what the poster is referring too....I have alot of hair but it is curly & coarse. When wet everyone is surprised how thin it is but when dry is looks thick.

After my stylist moved which is over 5 yrs ago I have had to blow dry it straight because not a single person can cut it the way it needs to be done. No matter how I explain it it still ends up with that look. I have tried to explain it several different ways but it still comes out the same.

I'm at a loss too...just letting you know you arent alone.


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Thanks, glad to know I'm not the only one. Sad to say, but I also have noticed that the best people to cut my hair would be others who I can tell have similar hair texture to mine. One other thing I've noticed is that as my hair grows in (say over a month), the style actually gets better because the layers grow out and gets heavier so the fly away jaggy look starts looking more straighter and smoother. Ironic, I just wish I could get a good style actually on the day it's cut, not a month later, lol, you'd think that would be even better in the eyes of the hairdressers (for business) lol.

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Try going to Hair is a forum just for hair help.Alot of the people are actual stylists who may be able to help you.

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