chandeliers and other costume jewelry

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7December 31, 2004

I haven't bought any of these type of earrings yet because I keep thinking (last year!) that they would be out of style in no time. I guess there still around and I want some!

Speaking of costume jewelry, do you wear any or is it all real?

I tend to do both, with almost all of my costume being sterling as it's gotten so cheap over the years. I 'm drawn like a magnet to jewelry however. Always an easy fit!

I have drawers and drawers full of when I worked in an office and had regular, non sterling costume jewelry for each outfit.

Favorite catalog for such is Sundance. I don't have much from them but I do wear all the time the asymetrical pearl studs they carry.

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OMG, I'm the costume jewelry QUEEN! 95% of it is vintage, and lots of fun. I've purchased it from garage sales and estate sales over the years, and also got a lot from my mom. I have one of those tall jewelry chests, chock full :)

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Who says you're the costume jewelry queen weed#@!?@. I reserve that name for myself! Wanna fight?

I wear it all - costume, real and antique. I don't have much antique because really pretty antique is hard to find but I dearly love jewelry.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I feel blessed to have tons of my grandmothers jewelry. She had some really nice pieces too, set in white gold and very glitzy. Too bad I don't go anywhere!

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I know the feeling bumblebeez. I don't go anywhere either. I have some gorgeous old necklaces that were strickly meant for evening dress wear and I've never had a place to wear them.

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they're on the five year plan at Saks Fifth (a friend gets their 'trendevous' newsletter, and I peek) so they're not going anywhere...

though the big thing for spring seems to be layered strands of beads- Bev, you might as well drag out those over the top pieces, and pair them up with an ultra- simple white blouse with a nice collar, that's certainly the look that they're passing around on fifth ave :)!

everything from grandmom's 'opera' strands of crystal, to great grandmom's flapper beads- in most cases, all at once, so they look like a little girl dressing up as 'Mr T' ;)

so anything we can do will look understated by comparision!

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