Any suggestions for laser hair removal? Silk'n?

kim2121December 19, 2008

Hey girls! I've always looked for the newest ways for hair removal. I used to always just get professional treatments on my legs, but eventually these became too expensive when my hours at work were cut down. So, I've just been trying to find somethign long terrm that works! My girlfriend is an esthetician so I asked her if she reccommended any products and she mentioned this new thing called silk'n. My friend has it and did a try on me and it wasnt painfull at all . If it does the trick it might be just worth it to get it, as I live in California and I'm always wearing skirts. I considered buying it from, but I'm still not sure. Does anyone have stories to share with me?

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I am assuming this is a spam post, but in case it is not:

I would not recommend this product at all.

Snipped from the web:
Those with a naturally dark skin color cannot use SilkÂn because burns, blisters and/or changes in skin color can result.

Dark hair responds the best to this laser treatment. Shades of brown will also respond to the laser, but typically require more treatments. Because the laser is targeting dark pigment (melanin)- white, gray, or blond hair will not benefit from using the system. Red hair isnÂt totally ruled out here, but possibly may benefit from hair removal treatments.

According the the SilkÂn hair removal clinical study of 150 females using the hair removal system these were the average hair reduction results after 6 months "41% in the underarms, 54% on the legs, 43% in the bikini area and 52% on the arms."

The suggested retail price is $800. A lamp cartridge that comes with the system has a life of about 750 shots, which is enough for treating your entire body once. The control panel displays warning lights when you are close to or have reached the 750 shot limit. Replacement lamp cartridges retail for $80.

So it can burn you, doesn't remove all of the hair, (or any if your hair is light), you still have to shave , and costs a fortune.

Not running out to buy one anytime soon.

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