zoewolfDecember 8, 2007

Was interested to know if either you or someone that you knew had had the injectable type of fillers? And what were the results?

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I havent,but I'd like to know too. I'd like my lips a TINY bit bigger and heard Restylane was the best when doing that.

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At a wedding this summer, we sat next to a woman who obviously just had her lips injected, they were so puffy, it was almost painful to watch her.

I wonder if there's a recovery period after being injected, are the lips puffier and then it goes down to a more normal and desirable puffiness?

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Yes mitchdesj,at first they are much more puffier because of swelling from being injected.Then the swelling is supposed to go down.
The only reason I havent gone through with this yet,is because I'am afraid of looking like that lady you saw.

I do know a few people who have had it done and you cant see much of a difference.That is what I would want...a very SUBTLE difference.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

What? You don't want to look like Meg Ryan?

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NOOO! LOL...I do have very thin lips though that I have to "enhance" every day with lip liner and it gets kinda old.
Too many celebs look freaky when they get those huge duck like lips.

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I am certainly not against any kind of cosmetic enhancments or surgery. I do feel(for me) that restylane and botox is cocaine for the face. Once you do'll always have to do it. I also heard that its stings something awful. I think i would rather have a chemical peel. They put you under(no pain) and the results are more permanent. Their is probably pain after you wake. But since the results last you dont need it done every 4-6 months. Of course a chemical peel wont fatten up plasticgardens lips either.

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I tried Restylane on the marionette lines. I was pretty happy but can't justify the expense for a subtle temporary fix. I would never do the lips, I'm really not crazy about the look. Yes, Ninos, I am currently going through withdrawal, it's taking everything in my power not to do it again but I really, really want to!!

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Well, I probably shouldn't admit this, but I've tried several things. I had an injury as a child that left a deep dent between my eyes. I had it filled with collagen when that was the only thing available, but gave up when I had to do that every 3 mo. About two or three years ago I tried Restalyn and I really liked it. It lasted about six months for me. I didn't put it in my lips though. Last fall my doctor suggested Perlane and it didn't work at all for me. I looked good for 2 weeks. Then the doctor suggested Radiesse. I didn't do that.

I've also had Botox several times. I really like the results even though it only lasts 3-4 mo. I do it when I think I can afford to spend money so friviously. And I make myself donate 10% of whatever it costs to a charity.

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krisz, thanks for sharing your experience, I love to read about someone who actually had it done.
As for lips, my bottom lip is pretty full but the top one would need a little plumping; I'm afraid of having it plumped and ending up with a huge upper then the bottom is going to look too small.....

When you look at the young stars now, no one has small breasts and thin lips anymore............

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A website that might give you helpful information about procedures is
People write about their experiences and say whether they think the procedure was worth it.

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Restylane is actually hyaluronic acid. I hear it works pretty well. I recently bought a small bottle in my health products store and love it. It's not an acid in the sense that it burns, but rather it helps your skin retain moisture & rebuild collagen.

After you wash your face, put on a small amount and then use your usual moisturizer.

It's wonderful stuff!

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loomis, where do you buy hyaluronic acid, when you say health products store do you mean a drug store??

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I found it in an independent health products store. By that I mean one that sells vitamins, herbal products, etc. It's possible the GNC stores, or other chains might also carry it. I paid about $21 for a 1-ounce bottle. However, you only need to apply a tiny bit to a dampened face, so it will last a long time.

I'm sure a Google search will give you a lot of information about this stuff, as well as some sources online.

I've been practically living on the MakeupTalk forums, as well as others, and have gotten interested in the mineral makeups, and more natural skin care products and oils such as emu, jojoba, coconut, etc. (mainly in an effort to try to diminish some wrinkles that are appearing with much greater frequency than I would like).

At the moment, the topical application of hyaluronic acid is a more affordable option for me.

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