Question for astrobotanist re: ming green marble

alizacfJanuary 16, 2012

astrobotanist not sure if you are still posting but I'll try my luck. I just read an old thread in which you said you fell in love with the ming green marble, so did I. Did you end up doing your bathroom in this marble? How did it come out? I would love to see pictures.

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Wow, I haven't been here in a while!
Yes, alizacf, I did do the bathroom in Ming green marble and I love looking at it every single day. I don't have any pictures right now. The floor is a simple geometric mosaic of green and white marble. The sink is a large vintage white pedestal sink. I tiled the shower ceiling and floor in small mosaic ming marble, and did the shower walls with glass tile. The glass tile is a green color that matches the marble.

I'll try to get some pictures.

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Hi astrobotanist
Thanks for answering my post. Glad to hear you are enjoying your ming green bathroom because just last week I made my decision to go with the ming green and purcased an interesting hexagon green and white mosaic tile which I have been eyeing for weeks. I plan to use it on the shower floor, niche, and bathtub niche. I found a white tile that resembles a white thassos marble which I plan to use for the floor and walls. Now just deciding on size of the tile. Good to know that there are happy ming green customers out there as it is not a very typical choice.

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I, too, went the Ming Green route but on the cheap. How does this sound because I haven't committed to anything yet.
Bathroom floor Ice Green slate 12"x12", white subway tile vertically on shower walls 3"x6" glossy white and the Ming Green will only be two colums inside the shower on the short wall so that when you enter the bathroom, you'll see it. The tile will go up to the ceiling. Painted walls, no tile.
I sure would like to go crazy but we have another bathroom and four other rooms to consider. Sigh.

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I'm using ming green too and I can't wait to see my finished choice. I'm using a flower accent tile with ming green and thassos, a trellis shower floor with thassos and ming green and white carrara for the shower walls, bench and bathroom floor.

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Pictures good people! I have no idea what this Ming green tile looks like, but now I'm intrigued!

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What? No pictures! Before I posted, I did the requisite search happy to read that several people have used the ming green, but only one person has pictures.

Please post pics if you're still about - PLEASE!

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I will also do the beg again for pictures if anyone has them. Also something that I am considering for my bathroom. :)

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