Maybelline Mascara

holly_bcDecember 14, 2004

I was browsing thru this forum the other day -- an interesting read :-))) -- and a few folks mentioned they used Maybelline Mascara in the 'pink & green tube'. Thinking there was only one, I left it at that. Now I find there are several 'pink & green tubes' sooo which is the best??? Inquiring minds and all that.

I used Revlon for many many years and was well pleased until they lost their minds and started fixing something that wasn't broken. Since then I've tried a number of others, several at great expense and they surely weren't worth it! The last 'experiment' was Estee Lauder at $27.00 and its already gooey & yucky.

I'd be real appreciative of the 'best brand/type' info. I need to have it in blue/navy but I see Maybelline makes a blue so hopefully I can find it. :-)))

Ciao Holly

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I'm hooked on Estee Lauder mascaras. Used to use More Than Mascara and recently switched the their lash lengthing mascara which lengthens without any clumping at all. It doesn't flake, rub off, or smear. It also comes off easily with any eye makeup remover or soap and water.

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I'm happy with Cover Girl "Professional" mascara in the blue tube with the curved brush.

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Maybelline's "pink and green" is called Great Lash and it comes in waterproof and regular. I use waterproof. It DOES come in navy blue.

I use a lash curler, and I have long but thinnish lashes. All the other mascaras I've tried make my just-curled lashes uncurl.

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MAC makes a navy blue. check sephora for other brands

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Lancome mascara is the best. It's just too pricy for me though. I need to know which Maybelline to use also?

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I use the pink and green tube of Mabelline Great Lash. I like "Very Black". The pink and green tube is not waterproof - I don't care for any waterproof mascara.

Here is a link that might be useful: pics

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I use Maybelline Great Lash, also. The non-waterproof kind. I use it in soft brown, or something like that.

I've tried others, but for the price, you can't beat Maybelline.

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btw, I have read more than once that Maybelline Great Lash is the choice of many make-up artists.

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Also great is the Maybelline Lash Discovery with the mini brush. And again, Rimmel

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Thanks gals for all the info. I've found the Great Lash but, so far, not in blue. But I'll keep looking as I'd like to give it a try. Hopefully, as so many of you are pleased, it will replace my "dearly loved Revlon until they screwed around with it". :-)))

I have tried Lancome and wasn't at all pleased with it though generally I like their products. Have not tried the 'other' Estee but sure not happy with the More Than stuff. Think I'll leave more experiments with that line until I try Maybelline's. For the price of Lancome and Estee, I'm VERY disgruntled.

Interesting weed re: the makeup artists.

Merry Xmas all & I'll let you know my *findings*. LOL!!

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Next time you are at the Library, take out a copy of that book Don't Go To the Cosmetic Counter Without Me.. you will find it very interesting,, so many of those high end
brands aren't worth diddly squat.

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Hmmmm, didn't like Lancome? I wonder if they have changed it since I tried it. It's been around twelve or so years since I tried it.

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I am currently using Lancome and I really like it. I bought it off ebay for 1/2 the price. I was worried it may be fake, but I don't think it is. However, even at 1/2 the price it is still expensive. I think I will try Maybelline again. I used to use the professional in the blue tube for years and years and then I found it flaked really bad. Maybe I will give the unwaterproof pink and green tube a try.

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I've tried so many mascaras over the years, and finally settled on Maybelline's Great Lash. Then Maybelline introduced a new one -Lash Discovery - and it is great! It applies easily, and lasts for a long time, both on the lashes and in the tube!

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Lancome and Loreal are the same manufacturers. Try the Loreal mascara--supposed to be the same.

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