scarlet_2009December 21, 2009

Wrinkles subtract a Ladies beauty sooner than some would like to believe. Billions of dollars a year are spent each year to find a solution to this problem, which means Women have to spend over $50 for bottle of lotion for the latest technology or trend. A good bottle of lotion is needed to keep our skin moist, but you can find a good bottle of lotion for under $20.

But what causes the wrinkles in the first place. I have a theory...one that has been introduced in the past but was rejected...perhaps because it is the right answer and would cost major manufactures lots of money! The cause of wrinkles is actually quite simple, but aren't the answers to anything quit simple. To be blunt...wrinkles are caused by the hairs on your face. There are good facial hair removers and tweezers to take care of the problem.


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That's wonderful.

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scarlet, I really don't "get" your theory, is there any scientific info to explain

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It's wonderful? It makes no sense! I thought that everyone knew that sun exposure was the biggest factor in aging skin and wrinkles.

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Sun exposure, dry skin and the laws of gravity cause wrinkles. Also early wrinkling or lack of wrinkling until an old age is inherited many times. Smoking causes more wrinkles around the mouth. If hair causes wrinkles why don't we have wrinkles on out legs and on our head?

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Yeah, that explains why Shar Pei's are wrinkly, and all other hairy dogs are not. By that standard, we'd all walk around looking like Shar Pei's by the end of our life. I don't think so.

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Skin is the biggest organ in the body and it is a good reflection of the condition of your internal organs. The tissues are taking longer to renew themselves and you begin to lose more and more collagen, thinner tissue layers and ability to hold moisture in your skin. The best you can do is stay out of the sun, try to live a healthy lifestyle, moisturize well(jojoba oil is excellent), think happy thoughts and SMILE.

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