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mark623September 22, 2010

I have a first printing of U.S. Grants memoirs printed in 1865. Does anyone have an idea of how much it might be worth? I tried to find out on line with no success. E-mail me am answer if anyone knows Please. Thank You.

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Considering that he didn't write them until the 1880s, you've got quite a rarity.

Here is a link that might be useful: Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant

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First printing by whom?
Grant's personal memoirs was written by Mark Twain and is one of the most successful autobiographys ever written. It has been reprinted at least twice and maybe more times.
If you have a first edition of the first printing, you indeed do have something....but more than likely you have one of the later reprintings.
what does it say on the cover page? Who published it?
Linda C

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Mark - Give me the following information:

Author, Publisher, EXACT TITLE.

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I believe that Mark Twain helped Grant with his memoirs. I don't believe he wrote them for him.

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The story I know is that Grant had lost everything, was very down on his luck and was a sick man, and was convinced by his friend Samuel Clemons to write his memoirs as a way to turn around his personal finances. But because of ill health, couldn't really do Clemons wrote it for ans with him and stipulated the proceeds would be split 80-20 with the 80 % going to Grant.
don't know where I read this....but I really don't think I made it up! LOL!
Here's the book...public domaine you can read it on line or download or whatever.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grant's mamoirs

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Oh dear!! I meant mEmoirs!
I need to make an appointment for a mammogram but didn't know I was that focused.... LOL!

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Hey Linda, reminds me of a funny card I sent to a very sick friend. On the front it says, "Thought of you, got gas".
On the inside it says, "Don't think the two are related".

Grant was duped by a ponzi scheme and left broke. On top of that he was dying of throat cancer.


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In the past I have had a couple books that I needed to get authenticated.

After a long search for an expert followed by an exorbitant estimate for their services someone suggested that I take the books to the main library in a larger city or on a university campus and consult with the head librarian. To my surprise I got the desired end result absolutely free.

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