Caulk/Grout around Pedestal Sink/Toilet Questions

ciacJanuary 2, 2010

Hi There:

When installing pedestal sink over tile floor, and that I am not bolting down the pedestal. I read somewhere that I should put some silicone caulk as adhesives between the pedestal base and sink, as well as between pedestal and floor.

The confusions are: some say caulking isn't necessary as I may leave it uncaulked for easier removal and cleaning in the future. Also I wonder how much good will a bead of caulk do to stabilize/join the sink to the pedestal--i.e. do I really need the caulk between sink and pedestal base? I assume caulking between the sink and the wall around the top surface is mandatory to prevent water seepage?

Finally, should I caulk between the pedestal to the floor where you cannot see from the outside, or should I caulk AROUND the pedestal base to the floor, like you would a tub/toilet?

I find silicone caulk very difficult to work with (if I screw up it will take solvents to remove, and that'll mess up walls, paints etc.), so if not necessary I would love to find alternatives or avoid all together. Grout is way easier to shape into a nice finish and to clean up. I wonder if the water-cleanup (acrylic/latex) grouts can substitute for the above mentioned applications just as well.

Many Thanks.


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I have removed antique pedestal sinks that appeared to have been joined with a lump of grout or plaster between the two sections. The pedestal would just sit on the floor, and be grouted-in. Nowadays, pedestals seem to be poorer in quality control, as there may be a slight deformation to the very bottom that prevents it sitting flat on the floor tile. I would see no harm in stabilizing the whole assembly with dollops of matching grout. Just make sure it isn't disturbed while curing, as you'll only have one shot at it.

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