Black Hose

doterooDecember 31, 2006

Several months ago someone on this forum said that black hose were no longer fashionable. The ladies around here still wear them. Do you wear black hose?

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Sure, if I were to wear black nylons, it would have to be the sheer type, not the kind that look like tights.

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Sheer black with dressy dress unless you have really great looking legs and can go without stockings. The fashion experts recommend no stockings, but I can't do that unless I did a quick fake tan. I don't like the way nude or tan stockings look with dressy dresses in the winter or summer for that matter.

I wear black tights with shorter skirts and flats. I think it is a good look, particularly with plaids.

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I'm not one to go with fads. I'm overweight and I find that black bottoms (skirt or pants) with black shoes need black hose to help elongate the leg and look slimmer. I'm not necessarily talking tights, but at least hose. Nude hose or (God forbid) no hose "break up" the leg, so your eye stops and doesn't travel down the body as well.

Just my 2 cents!

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I only wear beige colored stockings anymore.. with everything. I used to wear black skirts and black stockings until I saw a picture of myself in all black from the waist down, and THAT is all I saw! not the beautiful jacket I had on. Now, I wear a jacket and skirt in any color BUT black with beige stockings and NOW you see my outfit and my face...and for me, it has had a slimming effect.

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