What to do with drum trap

joanne77aJanuary 11, 2014

I am doing a minor bath remodel/redecorate, getting a new tub as part of it. We need to route our new plumbing around the aged drum trap. The floor is original (1930s) hex tile and we are keeping it. But the corroded drum trap top is very visible, between the tub and toilet in the floor.

I don't know if we can remove the old drum trap and replace the hole with tile without having it look obviously like a patch. I don't know if after the plumber demos it (it is all fused together, the lid and the trap) if we can just get a clean chrome top and that will be an improvement.

How have others handled the visible top of the drum trap during a remodel which leaves the floor intact?



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What color is the tile and what condition is it in? Even if the drum trap is non-functional it may be much easier to get a new chrome top than it is to patch the floor. Is there someplace in the bathroom like an linen closet where you could carefully remove old tiles for the patch?

Here is a link that might be useful: Example drum trap cover.

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I think I'd access the old trap from the lower floor thru its ceiling. Easier to repair the ceiling than the floor.

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Thanks for the suggestion ineff. No spare tile to patch, unfortunately. I'm wondering if the aged metal we have is better than shiny new chrome. If I can figure out how, I'll post a photo.

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Jackfre, I'm trying to figure out what to do aesthetically. They can definitely access the trap from below, but I wonder if I can make it look better from above. Thanks for the input.

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