Cream Eyeshadows

ChanDecember 24, 2003

Is there a trick to wearing these?!? I bought a gorgeous shade from Marcelle, but within 3-4 hours, it looked like it had all crept up into the crease in my eyelid! Did I do something wrong? Also, what do you find is the best way to apply it? I ended up using my fingers (it didn't come with an applicator).



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They can be a little tricky and there are a few things to try. You can use a thin layer of concealer on your eye lid before applying the color, it will help it stick and stay in place. You can try using a similar color of a powder shadow on your lid before applying the cream. Also a light dusting of powder or a powder shadow in a similar color over the cream will kind of set the color. Its depends on your skin too and what will work best, so you may need to do a trial and error until you find what works best for you.

I find using your finger is really the best way to apply it. Try to dab it on instead of rubbing it on. Dabbing it on will also help you control the color you get the more you layer it on of course the deeper and darker the color will get!
Hope that helps!

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powder lightly, spply lightly with a brush, not the foamy thing they give you, and powder again- either a close color, or a sheer metallic (I use a 'pearl' from Expert Eyes, who make stuff for contact lens wearers, but several other companies make similar things.)

a 'primer' also helps- I still have a tube from when my best friend sold Beauty Control, it hasn't even gone stale yet.

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