Turbochef wall oven?

meldbellFebruary 8, 2012

I have searched and can't find any reviews on the Turbochef residential oven...does anyone know if they are worth it? I saw a demo and it was most impressive. My husband and I both have crazy schedules, so it is tempting to spend the $ to have a quality family meal on the table fast!


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I can't answer your question but wondered as well. They sure are cool looking. I wonder how they compare to the Miele and Elux speed ovens. Same, better or worse?

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We've been considering the TurboChef also because our local appliance emporium has one they've used reliably for in-store demo's but the sketchy reliability reports from the few residential installations has us a bit spooked, as well as the apparent lack of any real field-force for residential support. We're intrigued by the functionality and speed, but quite frankly, find the retro-futuristic styling unappealing.

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A local appliance store did have them and when I asked they did mention some reliability problems and the cost as factors in their decision not to carry them anymore. This is a store that carries Miele, Gaggenau, SZ and other higher end lines. I can't get any more specific than that but the owner of the store was not enamored with them.

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Hm... I suppose the reviews on GW have slipped past the point of no return. We have had members who had them. The one I remember best didn't use hers for microwaving, however. I don't remember any big negatives, given that.

There was a time when this was the choice for a residential speed oven. Now there are many stand alone speed ovens with different principles that you can mix or match with your single ovens. By and large they cost less, but they don't have that particular look.

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not sure if TC has kept up with any updates/downloads, but for a while the unit came pre-loaded with hundreds of arguably idiot-proof recipes which made them appealing to those who are less confident or less experienced in the kitchen. Also was intended to eliminate sales resistance of folks who said: "Am I going to need to re-learn or re-calibrate all of my own tried and true recipes if I get this oven?"

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The Elux speed oven has 134 built in recipes, and it tells you right on the readdout, what to do next.

Also when you are "Speed Cooking", you choose what your are speed cooking, potatoes, fish, desserts, you name it--
then it sets the preheat time, cooking time, temperature, ration of microwaving to convection baking etc etc.
So when I did the potato in the "Great Potato Race" on Utube, I chose potato, it asked me how many, I answered 2, and everything was preset for me.

I believe the Advantium works much the same way, as well as the fancier Miele Speed Oven.


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I looked briefly at the TC, but moved on after seeing the price tag and that it was wall oven size only. The mixed reviews made it easy. I settled on an Advantium, which I like very much.

I do have a question for anyone who has tasted food from the residential TC. How does it taste? The reason I ask is that places like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Subway use them. And in all those places, I noticed that all the food have a very similar taste, what I call TurboTaste. Does the residential TC have the same taste? It's akin to the Pillbury taste, where everything from crescent rolls to biscuits to sugar cookies have the same underlying flavor.

I haven't had food from a Miele, but I have eaten from Elux and Advantium and I don't think the food has a taste as distinct as the TC.

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Thanks everyone. I guess if they were all that an a bag of chips, more people would have them. I will look at the Advantium, too.

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Check elizpiz's kitchen in the finished kitchen blog. She has a gorgeous red turbochef.

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I pulled the trigger and ordered one - our house will be done in a few months so I will be able to review it then

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meldbell, elizpiz does have one and I asked her about it. She works full time and loves to cook. She told me she loved the TC and the only complaint is that it's difficult to clean.

I've seen one demo'd a few times. It works in a very different way than any other oven both from the standpoint of heat and from the settings.

However, they may have made some changes.

It's the only really advanced full-size oven I've seen in the market this past few years. I've got a Miele Euro convection but it's even different than that.

Expect you know Martha Stewart featured it on her show and there's a video with a demo and with her on You Tube.

Price and steep learning curve likely contribute to lack of popularity though that wouldn't stop me either.

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Thanks rococogurl! I am too excited, but I did see someone else say theirs went to a body shop for painting? I need to look into that!

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