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curlgirlDecember 30, 2006

If your wondering why I respond to so many posts and rollers, well I sitting here with a head full of rollers waiting for them to dry. I started wondering what other women do for beautiful hair.

1) how often do use rollers?

2) what type?

3) Have you slept in rollers?

4) Do you your house chores in rollers, while they dry?

5) Have you worked in your garden while rollers?

6) have you ever gone in public, errands, shopping, or pick up the kids while your hair was still drying in rollers?

Please share any other experieces you have had with rollers.

It is always amazing what a girl will do for beautiful hair.

Just looked in the mirror, OH MY, but wait till tonight, BIG VOLUME!

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Do you do all those things while wearing your rollers ?

I remember the special dryer with large shower cap and sitting under it for the rollers to dry; how about electric rollers, aren't those better and faster ?

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Electric rollers are great for quick fix to refresh your do especially on a hot& humid day, but for all day and even next day hold nothing holds a style like a wet set especially like a lite night dancing when I can find a babysitter. Yes Iam a mom of two young girls and work so yes I do lot with my hair set in rollers. I could never find the time to sit under a dryer. I can set my hair in under 5 minutes get my housework done or work in the garden and get all my errands done without giving my hair a second thought. If the next day is a school and work day my mornings are crazy getting my girls to school I have no time to my hair in the morning. So once we(my husband and I) get the girls to bed I set my hair and take it out on the way to work once I drop off the girls. Sometimes I get looks because go out in rollers, but I never leave the house unless I am dress nice and have makeup on. If I leave my car in rollers I usually wear a scarf over the rollers. I am a real girly girl and like my hair very full and bouncy.

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I remember sleeping with rollers was so uncomfortable !!!! lol.....

You have every right to be seen in public wearing rollers, that's your business;
but don't be surprised if you get looks, you must admit it's unusual. I really don't think anyone does that anymore, or do they ?

Do you live in the suburbs or the city ?

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My mom started setting my hair young, and the nights before church and school required sleeping in rollers till I finished high school. I find it second nature sleeping in rollers. When I am wearing rollers I am going the extra mile to make myself a more attractive women, and I am proud of it. When I was a young women, all the women in the neighor would be outside sporting their rollers in the open no scarf or anythng. Supermarkets were filled with women in rollers. Now you see a women in rollers every once in awhile. Alot of stars have been caught in public in rollers and you see on TV like desapate housewives. I live in the suburbs of NY, but have lived in NY.

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I enjoyed your posting on rollers and setting. As a woman in my 40's I grew up when setting was popular. My mother owned a salon and I think she had rollers in my hair before I was one year old. In my teens I sometimes set my hair and I would do perms (mom did them) on a regular basis. I was later married to a man for 15+ years who wanted me to keep my hair short and straight. I did it to keep him happy until the marriage ended.

I recently remarried and my current husband loves longer hair and to set my hair for me. He sets it for me most of the time. He is very good at it. I have had my shoulder length hair (it has some natural curl and I get it highlighted) set in just about every size and type roller. I usually use a medium size roller for regular setting, but for fun I will sometimes use a smaller roller which gives me more of a permed look. I will even get it set in a medium perm rods and dry it, which takes a long time. I usually get set my hair 2 to 3 times a week. I will also sometimes set his hair, but he only lets me do it when we are going somewhere where someone we know might not see him. One of our favorite activities when on vacation it to go to a salon and get our hair set together. Today, one of my biggest pet-peves it to be chased down in a mall with the booths and bimbo's and the hair straighting tool!

I think hair setting is a lost art today. Most modern salons do not even have much in the way of rollers. Many young stylist do not have a clue on how to do a good wet set roll up. What I did not mention is that one of my weekly settings is usually done in a salon. I usually use a more old fashion type salon, which is usually less expensive than the new modern upscale salons. I have about 15+ salons around my house that I rotate around using. I usually get my salon set on Thursday or Friday morning depending on my plans for the weekend.

To answer the other questions:
Yes, I have slept in them and HE has to!
I do do chores in rollers, but have a house keeper, and gardener.
I do "go to work" in rollers!
I run an at home web-based research business, so I spend most of my day at home on the computer.
I have gone out in public in rollers if necessary.
I get a lot of UPS/FED-EX/US Mail packages and all those delivery drivers have seen me in rollers many times.

My motto:

Louise in

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Your husband sets his hair?

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Yes, he does get his set occasionally, usually by me. He (My husband is 45, 6'1" 190 lbs and is in great shape) likes it more of a loose curl or wavey style. Most people think it is natural when he has it done. He does not wear it like that all the time. He does it more often when we are on vacation. Re-read the original message. He used to get it permed sometimes (body wave perm) when he was younger (20-30's) and he was doing some modeling for clothing magazines.

Louise in

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I use electric rollers almost everytime I wash my hair and the set really lasts through to the next day. I often have the rollers in when I start out in the car and remove them before I get to my destination. I suppose people in the next car might see me but I figure I'll never see them again, so who cares!

My hairdresser has had her salon since the eighties and certainly knows how to do sets to get a lot of volume, but amazingly does not even own a set of hot rollers anymore! I brought mine with me at my last appointment to see how she would do it. I didn't really like the way it came out. I prefer soft fullness, just to create some sort of movement. Of course it I lived in a humid climate, I'd probably need the type of set you described to hold up!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

For most of life, up until about 5 years ago, and I'm 42, I was very concerned about the appearance of my hair. I have had every hair roller known to womankind. For years I slept in pink sponge rollers. ( when I was single). I wanted curly hair. I had a perm every 4 months (with root perm touch ups also) or so from the age of fourteen.

But several years ago I let go of curly hair. I have thick, fine, straight hair and finally have made peace with my hair.

I color it now, a streaked carmelly color, and the most ironic thing is that my hair is the most beautiful it has ever been. I get complimented on my hair all the time.
It's long and slightly layered.

I am not afraid of rain or humidity anymore. I do not worry about my hair. I enjoy the beach, windy days, convertibles.
I have a life that is not enslaved to hot rollers, pink sponge or aqua net (purple can!)

I still use hot rollers of course, just to get a smooth look and they are fast. But the curl usually doesn't last long.
The curl lasts longest if my hair is ever so slightly damp when I roll it and I stay inside.
Just a thought....

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Louise, thanks, great follow up, it great to hear that there are women out there still putting in the time to have big volume hair. I also think it is great that you have no problem with people seeing you in rollers, I really wish people would realize we are only trying to make ourselves more beautiful and have busy lives and can not just hide in the house for hours waiting for our hair to dry. Exsample on a Saturday if I have a event planned that night, It is easiest to set my hair before my daugthers get up for their many activities. In this case I will leave my hair set all day while I drive them back and forth and run errands and do chores around the house. For me this makes everything possible but it also means I will be seen by many with my hair full of large rollers. I also stay proud cause I know how good it will look that night

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How delightful to find another couple who enjoys rollers & having their hair done together! I've been doing my husband in rollers ever since our wedding, 3 yrs ago, when I convinced him to do a rollerset for the ceremony. He has gorgeous auburn hair, just below his shoulders, all one length (except when I talk him into letting me trim his bangs ;)). I've done his hair in hot rollers, old-fashioned smooth plastic ones, velcros  he's even slept in foam curlers a few times! These days we both do velcro-roller sets a few times a week, and for special occasions I'll do his hair in Caruso steam rollers. And we love getting our hair done together! We go down to a condo in Fla. once a year where there's a tiny salon in the complex and the stylists love it whenever we come in to do his-n-hers roller sets & manicures. We'll even lay out by the pool in rollers and the neighbors at the condo are quite used to it. He gets compliments on his hair all the time from other women and I don't know what he'd do without his rollers!

1. 3-4X / week.
2. Mostly Velcro, sometimes steam rollers.
3. Oh god yes. I was a cheerleader in high school & college and I had to sleep in foam curlers all the time. Hubbie sleeps in them when I want him in tight curls for the weekend.
4. Of course. I'll often roll us both up on Saturday morning and we'll spend most of the day working around the house in our rollers.
5. Sure, see above.
6. Yes, rarely. We've gone out to the market in rollers together a few times, but only on vacation. We always cover our rollers in scarves if we have to pop out.

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I have fine thin almost straight hair. I was born in the mid-50s and raised by a grandmother with Shirley Temple dreams. I had perms at least once a year and slept with rollers until I said enough! at age 9 or so.

I rediscovered rollers with velcro rollers for volume a few years ago. I blow dry to almost dry and set the top in LARGE rollers with a bit of hairspray and a blow drier. I use a flatiron to straighten and shape the bottom hair. I wear my hair in an A-line cut just below chin length.

I never go outside in rollers.

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My hair is naturally curly, so setting it is not the problem. I do use huge velcro rollers to smooth it when I need it straighter, but I sure wouldn't wear them in public.

It seems very nostalgic to go out to the grocery or wherever in curlers. Back to a simpler time. And if you can sleep on them, more power to ya! Hae you ever considered getting a cut that would make the most of the hair texture that you have? Or a perm? It would save a lot of time. Just a couple of thoughts.

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My husband and I have both tried perms but we don't like what they do to our hair. And the fact is that we both like the flexibility that rollers give us: we can wear our hair up or down, curls or straight, big or flat. I'm on a big headband kick right now so after I roll my hair (or his) it usually goes back in a headband.

And it's a myth that rolling yourhair takes more time, in my opinion. I have girlfriends who blowdry their hair straight and it takes them like 45 mins. I can put my hair up in velcro rollers in under 10 mins., take a quick shower, get dressed & do my makeup, then take them out, finger fluff my hair, and I'm good to go. Same for my husband: he would never consent to having his hair rolled on a regular basis unless it were easy & convenient. We actually enjoy hanging out together sometimes with our hair up in curlers, but for everyday morning styling it's all about the time.

I've seen a lot of stuff in the fashion mags about rollers making a comeback. It's about time! The just-rolled-out-of-bed look is so lame it just kills me.

Thanks for listening!

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