Need help identifying candlestick

littleblu87September 7, 2012

I need help determining how old and what style this candlestick is. I'd also like to know which end is the bottom as no one can figure it out. It belonged to my great grandmother and my great aunt had it in storage for 30+ years, so no one remembers anything about it. It appears to be brass and is probably at least 40 years old, but I'm guessing it's older than that.

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This picture has a bit better detail. You can also see that there is a removable pricket.

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So all these pieces screw together. It's entirely possible that there are missing pieces or that we don't even have it put together properly.

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I should have mentioned that there are no identifying markings on it at all.


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You have it right side up for a candle stick. The largest diameter is the base; the smaller saucer shaped part with pintle is the candle holder. The saucer catches dripped wax.

It appears to be made of low brass (60/40 copper/zinc)

It could have held a hand rolled tallow candle.

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It's a brass candlestick for a large pillar candle. You say you think it may be 40 years old? That would put it about 1972? I think that is right on. About that time, large candle holders were popular. It was "the thing" to stand one on the hearth or on a low coffee table. You jammed a pillar candle down onto the spike...or for some that didn't have a spike, you just set a pillar candle on top.

There is also the possibility that it is one of a pair of candlesticks meant to go on the altar or a church. About 1972 I bought at auction a pair of tall brass candle sticks with a convertible top,that could hold either a pillar or a taper.

Are they lacquered or did you polish them?
Linda C

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