Does anyone known Hummel figurine is authentic or fake?

vladasSeptember 13, 2008

I have bought privately an ancient figurine of the Madonna With Halo (height 24 cm). All stamps specify that it is production of M.I. Hummel-Goebel (there are HM 33, Crown Mark and letters WG, Full Bee trademark, decimal designator), but there was a discussion that is not authentic. The main doubt has arisen in stamps and many my colleagues assert that this figurine is not typical of M.I. Hummel-Goebel production. Whether can help with definition of authenticity of this figurine or it is fake?

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You have bought a Gobel figuring dating from about 1950...but the figure is not a Hummel.
In a brief history, Bertha Hummel was an art student who entered a convent and became a nun taking the name Maria Innocentia. She designed and commissioned the Gobel pottery to make figurines from her drawings with all proceeds going to the convent, and the stipulation that all figurines she designed be marked with her signature. On a Hummel figurine "I.'M. Hummel" will be incised in the base.
You have a real Gobel figure but not a Hummel.
Linda C

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That is the way I understand it too.

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Thank you very much.

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I have a hummell figurine that has the signuture on the base the mold number 15/1 and some ink number on the bottom 10 13 8. Is this a knock off?

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Does it have "I. M. Hummel" incised on the base? If so it's real.

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