Salesman sample for latch?

ks_toolgirlSeptember 13, 2011

Hi - I usually frequent other forums.. (Frequent being a too-literal term).

I have salvaged my dear friends estate, & can't put off dealing with these things.

Many - like this - are too strange for me to research! Does anyone know if there's a market for something like this? Many things I can evaluate - but things like this, I've struggled. I can't throw it away - or donate & have someone else do the tossing!

Seems to be a sample, to sell this latch? For gate, presumably?

Other odd things, I'll likely be posting again, sometime. (Hundreds of things - from antique/vintage dolls, to old furniture!).

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I think you are correct. I have seen very similar things hanging in an old hardware store.
Check the link and scroll down... for a view of another sample.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: salesman's sample

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Thank you, Linda C. I had looked for it on eBay & such several times over past few years & never found anything... I feel silly for not trying one more time before asking.
That one is in far better shape than mine! (Not as "rustic" as mine? Nice try? Lol). I thought mine was for an exterior gate, an assumption - I'm not sure why.
Thanks for your help! These things are overwhelming, did I say hundreds of things? Many hundreds, if not a thousand. Or more. Most, I can ID & research, some I haven't had luck with. (The 20+ research books she had have helped, lol, some of which started out as mine).

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Since it could be either "right" or "left" maybe replacement parts for wooden icebox?? Grandma's opened on left, had 2 sets 1 for where the ice was kept in the bottom & other set was for where you stored the food, up top. They used it at lake cottage up into the mid 1960's or so as extra storage for family get-to-gethers.Someone went to ice house & got a block of ice. Watermelon & other fruits were usually kept cold in there. Don't remember what the locks did look like tho.

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It may be a demonstrator or salesman's sample to show how to use the product, in this case, a latch on a hinged door. This latch is similar ice box door latches. These latches also appear on doors to laundry chutes.

Typically, this would be displayed on a wall in a hardware store.

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