Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets (old school!)

maymoDecember 23, 2008

I still have my bracelet from the 70's. I wish these would come back in style! Anyone else?

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Create your own style. Just because something is not worn by those on the red carpet right now does not mean you can't wear it.

Two of my favorite pieces of clothing for the last 20 years were Chuck Taylors and jean jackets. I got compliments from young kids all the time, "cool jacket!" or "I remember those shoes!". Then, all of the sudden, Chucks are everywhere again. I still have all of mine, but am actually waiting for them to go back out of style.

Now, I will say that entire outfits shouldn't be done this way, I am thinking back to the 80's with shoulder pads and neon ties. But a bracelet is just fine! Go for it!

Make your own style, represent who YOU are. Dare to be different!

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I think you should wear it. I see charm type bracelets sold on QVC (not that QVC is the last word in fashion, but someone's buying them), and I see charms sold in the stores.

I'm wearing a Christmas charm bracelet now.

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Just wear it if you like it. Charm bracelets are a very often a personal creation and hold sentimental value.

Charm bracelets are still sold now days. The trendy ones popular nowdays have enameled charms and recognized signature designer styling.

Old vintage styles from the 50s-60s, are being sold on eBay all the time. If you never wear it, and it has no sentimental value consider selling it.

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I have my old SS charem bracelet started when I was about 8 way back in the 1960's. I still have it in my jewelry box, I got many charms in the 60s and 70s. I haven't worn it in many years. My Mom has a gorgeous gold charm bracelet. I would love to inheirit it when she passes, but I am not wishing for that at all. So mine will stay in the jewelry box.

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I have 2 charm bracelets that I love to wear. I also have a charm necklace with about 15 charms on it; more would make it too heavy. I started one for my granddaughter, with each charm having a meaning for the 2 of us. What I love about them is that they're like little scrapbooks. I remember where I got each charm - they're so fun to look at. Whenever we travel, I try to buy a charm that fits the destination. Somebody must be wearing these things as dept. stores and jewelry stores are full of charms and bracelets. Not that I ever cared if what I wear is fashion or not.

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My SS charm bracelet (with pewter & SS charms) holds sentimental value. I have a baby booty for my son, a heart from my husband, a lizard due to a nickname from my brother when little, a gardening hat because of one passion, a cat to remind me of my two long lost best pals... etc. & so on. And every Christmas in my stocking I get more charms. :-)

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