Eyelashes and mascara

mrsgymDecember 12, 2008

Ok, I might be the only person on earth with this problem, but I'm going to ask anyhow. I'm in my early 50's and my eyelashes are beginning to lean to the side. When I was younger my lashes were straight, and I didn't have this problem. Also the bottom lashes seem a little sparse. If I use a curler, they are still leaning, but have a curl. Mascara doesn't seem to help them to straighten up. I wear mascara 5 days a week, and always take my make-up off at bed time. Any suggestions?

What mascara do you use? I want a waterproof mascara that doesn't smudge, doesn't clump, and doesn't look fake. Thank you

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My favorite mascara is Bad Girl by Benefit. I've tried so many and none seem to work as well. It's pretty dark so I'm not sure what color hair you have and if you are ok with dark mascara but it work SO well! Maybe the mascara you use is to heavy for your eyelashes and is making them lean?? I'm sorry I can't be more helpful...

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I noticed this too! I am 40 and my lashes lean inward toward my nose now. I rarely wear makeup anymore, so it isn't that the mascara is too heavy, I think it is age.

Before you put your makeup on, wash your face and gently push the lashes the other direction. Pat your eyes dry by pushing the lashes outward, hold the towel on them for a few seconds to try to keep them in place.

I have never used a curler, see if this works, maybe you won't need to curl them.

Use a pressed powder to coat your lashes, going down your eyelid and up from under your eye, at an angle to push the lashes back straight up.

Start at the very base of your lashes and do about 30-40 strokes keeping them at the correct angle. Alternate from the front and back of the lashes.

Do the lower lashes, same way, but since they are thin, first start by very gently placing the brush at the base of your lashes and softly going back and forth a couple times, then pull the brush down your lashes. This creates a base. Now coat them from both front and back.

Repeat the coats, then use just the tip of the wand (cleared of excess mascara so it doesn't goop up) to lengthen each lash.

Finish off by just brushing up the ends of the lashes to extend them just a bit higher. My lashes end up a good 1/4 inch longer than they actually are, they end up about halfway to my eyebrows.

I use L'Oreal mascara with the teddybear brush. I never use waterproof, it is too gunky for me, that might be your problem. Give the regular stuff a try.

Don't pump the brush to get mascara on it, twirl it instead. I like mascara that is a few weeks old, I think it is the perfect consistency, and I do pump the first few days of opening a new tube to dry it out just a bit.

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