Least bad OTR microwave that vents

crl_February 6, 2013

I know OTR microwaves aren't great. Too high up for the microwave function and not great as vents. But we are not remodelling the kitchen for at least a couple of years because we need to save up first. In the mean time we had to replace the broken 1960s range that came with the place. That had a top oven with a built in vent so I also have to replace the vent somehow.

We got an induction range, which I love. Now I need to do something about the vent. I also have no microwave in the kitchen and about two feet of counter to the right of the sink and about three feet to the left. Plus no dishwasher so some of that counter space must go to a dish drying rack.
So, under the circumstances, it is an over the range microwave or no microwave. And we have to shell out some money for a vent anyway,

My conclusion is over the range microwave. We do have ductwork to the exterior so I can truly vent it. My range is stainless (because that's all induction ranges in my range come in.). So now I need to figure out the best of the lot. I don't even know what I should be looking for in terms of features to have or things to avoid.

Any and all suggestions on an over the range microwave that can vent to the outside would be much appreciated.


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When I was researching this, the product that keep coming up were the LG extend-a-vent models. I have no personal experience, but you may want to try there.

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I am very satisfied with the Whirlpool over the range microwave that I very recently purchased. It is the wmh53520as. I decided against all of the fancy features such as convection or toaster oven functions. I have the Breville Smart oven for that and my range is convection. It still has a nice set of features and received very good reviews. It retails for about $369 but I literally got it for $1 over dealer cost (I paid $260 for it) due to a very generous manager and a few other purchases with him. I always find the lowest price I can and then bring that to my local dealers anyway. :) This microwave can be vented both indoors (via filters) or to the outdoors via duct work.

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The LG model dhparker referred to is the LMH2016ST. There have been several discussions of this over the last year here in a number of threads. Several folks have mentioned ELectrolux OTRs. (I think Luv2putt may have purchased one for use with his Viking induction range.) Try searching on OTR and you've find a dozen recent threads which may provide helpful info. Do "OTR + LG" and and "OTR + Whirlpool" you may narrow it down a bit.

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I just installed an Advantium OTR. It may be overkill if you're just wanting a microwave, but I'm in love with it.

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I'll copy and psate my recent response to someone else with the same question.....

There's a Kenmore OTR MW with a 600 cfm fan and a door that can open from either the left or right, although it doesn't seem to get great reviews. Worth a look, still - I like how the controls are all at the bottom.

The LG units with the sideways-sliding tray rather than a turntable, and a pull-out hood are nice. Some of these have a 400 cfm fan.

I've used several OTR Advantiums and they are probably my favorite due to their versatility and build quality (nice roomy stainless-steel interior, etc.). Also, 4 choices of styling (Cafe, Profile, Monogram, Monogram commercial-look). Get the the Profile or Monogram in black or stainless and you get a neat illuminated keypad too.

The 240v versions of the Advantium work much faster and better as speedcookers and slightly faster as a microwave oven, but the same as a convection oven. Worth the added cost of the oven and rewiring for 240v/30a if you use the speedcook alot, but if you use it only occasionally the 120v will suffice.

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Thank you for the feedback!

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