Hair problem

arianna_2007December 14, 2007

Hi all

I am new to this forum but I think it is the best place to tell my problem. I am suffering from hair fall problem since one year I have tried all types of medicine but nothing happened. Can anyone please suggest me any herbal product or treatment which can help me.

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That happened to a friend of mine and she found out later she was hyperthyroid. Maybe you should check with your doctor.


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ok - let's start with the basics...

How old are you?
How long is your hair? Curly ? thick, or fine?
How often do you wash it? with what? Other products?
Do you blow dry, straighten, curl, or color it?
What is your diet like? General health? Have you had a child, or stopped breast feeding in the past year?
has the general texture of your hair changed in the past year?
Is there any new growth? If so, does it look the same as your Âold hair?
What condition is your scalp in?

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I have the same problem, although I suspect that I am a lot older than you, and mine may be caused by menopause.

However, I started taking vitamins specifically designed for hair, twice a day for approximately 6 weeks now. Either it's my imaginaton or the vitamins actually do work, as I don't seem to be loosing as much hair as before.

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Take a vitamin B complex everyday or brewers yeast. Increase your intake of protein found in meat, fish, liver, wheat germ, dried cooked beans and peas, tofu, cheese, milk and eggs.

The Chinese believe that hair is nourished by the blood, and therefore influenced by the kidney & liver. Treatment is aimed at these organs using fleeceflower root, wolfberry fruit or mulberry fruit. Here are some great shampoos you may want to make:

HERBAL SHAMPOO- great for dandruff
4 tablespoons dried thyme boiled for 10 minutes in 2 cups of water. Strain and let cool before massaging onto clean damp hair. Leave on for 1 hour then rinse in warm water.
here are some more tips and recipies:

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I just looked Vitamin B up to see if it causes hair loss and did not find that but thought you might be interested in what I found. I lot of things cause hair loss especially medicines. Can't med I tried that cause hair loss. I quit it in a hurry. My hair has always be fine, but thick. With aging and a scalp problem I have lost quite a bit. I tried different hair styles to try to hide the pink scalp and found one that keeps it out of the mirror when I look in it. LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: V B

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Hey I am also suffering from the same problem.I am using himalaya hair fall control shampoo.Its very effective and useful also.Now my hair fall have become less.You should use this.It will help you......................!!!!!!!!

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I was facing the same problem.Try to take Vitamin A in your diet. You should put oil also.

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