removing acrylic nails

lgiorgiDecember 27, 2007

For my daughters wedding in had a permanent french nails put on. I feel like I have to take them off. I had them filled in once. One nail was lifting up. The others were on solid. They really are nice put they are staring to lose the white area and looking dirty behind the naill. I scrubbed the nails and they still look bad. I tried removing them with acetone nail polish remover. I soaked for 30 minutes and I thought it would work because the top seamed mushier. Well I continued to soak for at least an hour. I used a file and scissor. Now they really have to come off What a mess. My husband went and brought straitht5 ACETONE. They still won't come off. Does anyone know the trick to removing them. My fingers are really hurtingl

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Go back to the place where you had them done for removal.

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Bud wi thanks for the suggestion. But when they remoe them they use a dremel and grind them off. Not to comfortable. Usually you just have to use acetone nailpolish remover and it will remove them if you soak long enough. I guess I will not do that again.

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The part that make removal uncomfortable is the heat generated by the friction of the grinder. The nail artist can't be in a hurry and just 'go to town' on them and grind away. They must stop periodically and let things rest. They also have to keep an eye on the work process so they don't grind the actual nail down making it too thin to protect the nail bed.

If going back to the salon is not an option you could just buy a few nail files and spend and evening in front of the TV sloooowly filing them off. At least that way you know the job will be done right. Afterwards rub some beeswax, or a beeswax and olive oil mixture, on them.

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Thanks for the help bud w.

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I have acrylic nails and when i want a new set i soak them off at home the night before.
I don't want to sit at the nail salon.
I go to walmart and buy a big bottle of "Tips be gone"!
This is pure acetone. i can sit and watch tv and soack my nail at the same time.
They come of painless and no sraping by the nail tech.
Hope this helps.


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Acetone should soften them enough to begin to nip them off with nail nippers. When I had wraps the manicurist would soak in acetone for 10-15 minutes and then lift as much as possible with the nippers and then file with heavy emery board. They are a mess but you can do it just be sure to use plenty of oil on your cuticles afterwards. Maybe Sallys will recommend something made for just that.

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lgiorgi if you go to a reputable salon, not one of those "chop shops", they will removed your acrylic nails without pain.

If you opt to remove them at home, use pure 100% Acetone. Pour some into a glass bowl and set the bowl on a heating pad to help warm it.(DO NOT PUT THE ACETONE IN THE MICROWAVE) The heat from the heating pad will warm the acetone up and make removal quicker. Just use an orangewood stick and keep scraping gently at the mushy acrylic until it is all removed.

Good Luck to you.

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