Our doorless shower, question

WalkerlifeJanuary 21, 2014

We're in the process of adding a new construction master bath to our new to us home. This is the best pic I have right now.

Plans were for this shower to be doorless. In the square will be a window. The shower measures 3x6ft.
I talked to the contractor and thought the handles would be on the wall to your left as you enter and the shower head would be on the opposite wall, the short wall closest to the "window". Maybe this was never a possibility, but today I realized that the handle to turn on as well as the water supply as coming from the short wall closest to the entrance.

Contractor states it makes sense not to have the water going in the direction of the opening, but t seems to me you'll have to stand >3 ft back to avoid being in the doorway. I was thinking you'd stand even with the "window" if it were on the other wall.

Is this a disaster? Worst comes to worst ill need a shower curtain I suppose?!

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This is my inspiration photo. No bench in our shower.
The plumbing is on the 3' wall to the left.

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I don't understand the problem. This is our basement bathroom. The controls are on the half wall. There is no door and we get very little water splashing out of the opening. (We have a piece of plexiglass above the half wall because we weren't sure whether we would need a door or not so just did that as a temporary measure until we order the glass.)

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For clarification, using the inspiration photo that you supplied, as you step over the curb and enter the shower, the contractor wants the shower valve and the shower head on the wall to the left? Right at the door opening?

If so, have it plumbed the way you want it plumbed, which I'm guessing is with the shower head in the same location that it is in the inspiration photo.

And question #2, based on your photo, are they using Oatey shower pan membrane on the walls? And in the niche? I've never seen anything quite...like...that...before...

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Love love love your inspiration picture. My bathroom is the same size and configuration as that one. I plan to do doorless with the control on the left and the showerhead on the right with a smaller triangle bench on the left. Love the idea of the wall with a window ather than all window. I wonder if it's too late to chane my mind on that part....

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I LOVE this style, aesthetically, and researched this option for a master bath remodel. However, I was warned against it by multiple people who told me that showers of this style tend to feel cold, since the hot steam is not contained. Granted, I'm in New England where the climate is cool/cold almost 7 months of the year but to me nothing is worse than the feeling that you can't warm up in a hot shower.

Not to derail the original question here, but, Dekeoboe do you have any issues with the shower not feeling hot enough?

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Definitely have the plumbing moved where you want it. And I also question if your tile person really knows what they're doing, what with the pan liner installed on the walls.

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I don't see why you can't have the shower head opposite the opening. Our shower is a bit larger than yours (4 by 7, I *think*), and we barely get any of the walls wet. Of course, it probably depends on the height/angle of your shower head...Ours is on a sliding bar - which is wonderful, btw - so we only keep it as high as necessary.

This is ours - if I can attach the picture correctly!

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Rebecca - It is the basement bathroom, so I have only used it once, but I don't remember it being cold. (My husband says I get cold at the drop of a hat.) He doesn't think it is cold. And none of our guests have mentioned it being cold - and they are all family members that would mention it.

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Babka NorCal 9b

If you put the adjustable shower head on a sliding bar that comes right down on you, the water splash won't reach the opening. Just like those overhead 12" rain showers. Only the water that bounces off your shoulders (sideways) will hit the glass/walls. When you take the shower head off and rinse those "other" places just remember to aim it toward a wall, not the opening. ;-)


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Babka NorCal 9b


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