Painful Pedicure

hapyfrustratedDecember 2, 2007

I had a pedi a about 6 weeks ago, there was a sore spot on the corner of the toe. I have been back several times, the same spot gets trimmed a little more, the last time I went, it was painful, very painful while she was trimming.Though she kept apologizing and telling me that it would feel better the next day. I had to wait over the weekend before I could go back, it was very very painful and I had to wear Crocs because everything else hurt my toe. The owner of the salon trimmed it the next Monday. After the last trim, I thought it was just bruised and I was getting over it.

Yesterday, I was trying on closed toe shoes and it was very tender. I dont think I can even wear a closed toe shoe or a dress shoe for that matter. I dont know what to do, my sister is telling me to go to a Podiatrist and have it checked. I dont want to have a procedure on my feet, I have heard that once you start having surgery on your feet, it never seems to stop. I don't know what to do, and I am afraid to go back to any nail salon. I went in the first place because I can't see well enough to trust myself with even a trim, and I dont have the mobilty these days to reach my foot long enough to give myself a pedi.

I dont know if I am comlaining, or if anyone has ideas.Thanks!

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What are they trimming? Nail? Skin? Callus? It sounds like you might have an infection or ingrown nail. Is that where it is, a nail corner? I'd pass on pedicures until you get it healed. Try an epson salts soak twice a day and apply some Neosporin. See a doc if it doesn't heal soon. You may need some antibiotics. How often are you going?

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You are not complaining, and you are right to be concerned. Your sister is right. A doctor can tell you what is wrong and how to help get it better.

Perhaps any trimming should be done by a podiatrist. You don't want the risk of infection that is possible from nail salons.

I don't think it is true that once you have surgery on your feet it never stops. If you need help, you need help! Gotta take care of those tootsies so they can keep you moving.

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Thanks girls! Yes it is the corner of the nail they are trimming. I think it has turned into an ingrown toenail. I have not thought of the epsom salt soaks though! I will try it tomorrow. I have been keeping neosporin on it.

I am calling this week to make an apt, I dont have time for this nonsense!!! AND, it hurrrrts!!!!!! Can't wear my pretty shoes!!!!

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Go to a salon and have the nail tech lay a thin layer of acrylic on the affected toe. This will help the ingrown nail grow out and you will be free of pain.

I promise it works.

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I never had an ingrown nail until I started getting pedicures. Then I got toenail fungus which took a very very long time to cure. My podiatrist says there is no sure way to clean the apparatus enough to prevent fungus, so now I just don't get pedicures anymore Too bad, I enjoyed it, but in the end it just wasn't worth the the trouble it caused.

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getting them to deal with an ingrown toenail is not a 'procedure', love -

and it sure sounds like that's what they've done, trimmed your nails too short.

neosporin will help - but it's likely not an infection, but an inflammation, so hydrocortisone (or a paste of tumeric powder and water, though this WILL stain) is going to do you as much good, at least until the doctor can pry the free edge loose.

and now you know - never let them trim a sore toe. never.

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Scarlett, Get your own gear and take it with you to each pedicure. No one else's germs, etc.

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If you've got a bad ingrown toenail, you need to see a doctor not get a pedicure. What they are tyring to do can only worsen the problem... which it sounds like is what is happening. See a doctor... having part of an ingrown toe nail cut off 'by a doctor' shouldn't cause any permenent problems. Why go back to the nail place when they are probably the ones that not only caused your problem, but are making it worse? They obvioulsy don't know what they are doing and picking/cutting at the nail can only make it worse.

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