I would love some opinions this lamp. Antique? PLEASE?

anthony_wSeptember 7, 2009

Hello, I was given a lamp that belonged to my grandmother about a year ago after she passed, and I just ran back across it the other day. I have searched and searched the internet looking for something that resembles it but I have found NOTHING that even comes close. I am not sure of its orgin, age, or anything. The globe or shade is a very thick, transparent,and green glass (or glass like)and looks to me to be in the shape of a brain, my friends have had said it looked like a bug and an evil face (i dont see that one) lol.. The lamp itself is very heavy with odd decoration around the base, now the decoration does look like little faces to me.... ANYWAY PLEASE take a look at the pictures and if able, offer some knowledge about this lamp, it would be very much appreciated. As you all can very well see, I have NO CLUE. THANKS IN ADVANCE

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hmm, now that's an interesting mystery.
Looks similar to carnival glass to me.
At one angle one pic looks like a frame that would hold a globe?
I wonder it if might be a handcrafted piece from a glass blower who was just doing it for kicks?
The lamp style itself is similar to a banker's (desk) lamp.
Front view of glass portion almost looks like a wrinkly dog to me (hound, perhaps)?
Side view tho, where glass is most smooth, almost had a budda-esque look...
Puzzling indeed!

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Hi I believe it is a scarab lamp, are there any makers marks? This site has a lamp close to yours. Not saying yours is a Tiffany but the look is close in style.may be another company who coppied Tiffany in style. scarab lamp may be a good place to start your search. just type scarab lamp in the search field - www.macklowegallery.com good luck

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Good call, Wendy! The basic lamp body style matches. But a scarab is a type of beetle. What the heck is that on the OPs lamp I wonder?? I've seen some funky beetles in my day growing up on a farm, but none were so...rippled. Maybe it's a rare variety bug? ;D

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Thanks moonshadow & I do agree very strange beetle variety!! :)

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Wendy is right on....it's a scarab lamp. It appears to be the same period as the Tiffany scarab lamp and very likely there is a maker's mark somewherer on it.
A scarab is a type of beetle, I believe a dung beetle is a type of scarab beetle. for some reason the figure of a beetle often appears in ancient Egyptian carvings and jewelry.
My hunch is that the discovery of King Tut's tomb sparked a revival in the popularity of the form, and stylized scarabs appeared in many forms. I have a scarab bracelet made from scarabs carved from semi precious stones.
It's a great lamp!!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: scarab beetles

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Thanks Lindac It was the first thing that came to mind as I have seen some examples in the past. And I do know like you said the discovery of King Tut's tomb did spark many companies to produce pieces in egyptian likeness even in porcelain & ceramics. I also have such bracelets as yours & they are beautiful.

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Wanted to thank each of you for your comments... you all have no idea how much it helped. I have found that the lamp IS indeed a scarab desk lamp, as far as being able to tell if it is an authentic Tiffany, well thats still to be found out... I was reading it is easier to prove suspected Tiffany lamps as a fraud then it is to prove actually genuine. Seems there are so many variations to the lamps that were made during that time. Some have stamps, some don't, Some have this or that and the next one will not... VERY AGGRAVATING lol... In any case you all put me on the right track and in the correct direction and I REALLY appreciate it. Ill let you all know what becomes of it :P

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Glad you got some answers. Scarabs are in U>S. also. I just wrote & asked if anyone knew what my deep turquoise green beetles were, look like a huge bumble bee & they don't want me under the apple tree. I wondered if they would sting me. They get quite noisy they also die under the trees, I thought they were getting drunk on the few apples that cook on the tree.

someone said what a way to die & that they lay their eggs
& then die so I have several,unless the mower got them up. Hummers had been feeding on the mushy apples too. I opened 1 that critters hadn't & ate a bit & it tastes just like you baked it. Same person said that hummers wouldn't be hurt by them. They are very pretty pests!! And you don't have to go to Africa to find them.

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Anthony Please do let us know what comes of it. I hope it is a Tiffany & I hope it breaks the bank!!!! Put it in a safe place.

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