Weather Vane

mxyplxSeptember 8, 2011

If the photo link works you can see my weathervane and that lots is missing; the wattles under the head and what I presume would be a humungous tail. It is made of wood and the fan still works. I don't know if this is classified as a whirly gig or not.

I would like to build a tail for this. It must be damnall big to balance the vane at the bolt. I'm not an arteest and need something to go on.

Can't find anything that might approximate this which I might use for a pattern or guide. All I get on Google is sites selling stuff or informing me just how clever they are at fixing antiques. None of it looks like this. Haven't found any forums except this one.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? make a suggestion where to look? Is this a one off vane? a commercial product?

It looks quite old to me just from the shade of that green color. I'd guess 1920 but it's just a guess. The yellow clamp balances a missing fan blade.

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Interesting! If I offered any input it would be just a guess, but here is your photo for others...

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I have no idea how to construct what's missing....but I bet the people at the link below could help.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirligigs

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It looks like folk art, but it could just as easily be faux folk art. It's not a weather vane, it's a whirligig as Lindac pointed out. But it could have been sold at a fair or roadside stand and made anytime within the last 40 years.

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Well I got a brilliant idea tried our local Lieberry (who'd a thot of that anymore?) and found a book on windvanes and got some ideas. Most roosters are standing up. I presume this is a rooster. Looks like it is flying and there were some flying eagles so it might have had wings up high and tail outstretched. Never saw a chicken do anything except flap its wings while running and squaking.

Guess I'll build something even if it's wrong and at least have a start on it and some practice. Then keep looking. Maybe I can contact a museum or two - worst that can happen is they'd ignore me. I found a pic of a flying pheasant rooster - that will help. Bird books should help too.

So! I've got a start. :-) thanx

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You can order plans for this exact whirl-a-gig at the link below. It was the very first pic popped up when I searched for rooster whirl-a-gig. It's supposed to be a fighting rooster. Your's has a rudder on the back, and I suspect that makes the whole body spin. The plans I found do not have this, but suspect it is stationary.

Here is a link that might be useful: AZ Woodman

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THANKYOU!!!! Unnnbelievable. I ordered the plans, transfer paper, shipping - all came to about $19.

The head shape is slightly more rounded than mine and it appears to have 6 blades to my 12. No sweat.

All you need are the right search terms. I'd never have thot of Fighting Rooster. This was guv to me by our oldest son. Sure be fun to get it fixt up and working and give it back to him.

This is better than a good start - I'm almost done :-)

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Nice save, calliope! :)

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