Bathroom Renovation Advice Needed

peachymomoJanuary 8, 2012

The bathrooms in my house are not nice and I would like to improve them, but it is challenging because I have to squeeze 2 bathrooms and a utility closet housing the furnace all into a 12' x 12' space. Currently there are 2 bathrooms, 2 closets, and the utility closet. When we renovate I was thinking about shrinking one closet and removing the other to provide room to expand the two bathrooms.

Here are the plans I've drawn, this is a close up of the bathroom area. The drawings are to scale and the squares represent 2'.

Would this work, or is there a better arrangement? I wish I could move the furnace but my bf thought that was a bad idea.

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In the upper bathroom if you use a 5' tub, you could put it across the end under the window, slide the toilet to the right, and move the vanity to just inside the door. This would make the room seem larger and the entrance seem less crowded.

You're losing a lot of closet space -- are you okay with that?

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Or a 4' Kohler Greek soaker tub.

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Hello friends,

First you start with a good architect who will draw up plans that need to be approved by the town before you can even begin demolition. At the same time, find a good contractor who will limit the use of subcontractors (who will drag out the already-long renovation time). If you'd like, PM me and I can give you the name/number of the guy who did mine (and I can show you before/after pictures). I furnished my new bathroom at Home Depot -- they have some really fantastic decorators there who will help you purchase your fixtures, tiles, etc. (I had one idea for certain fixtures and the woman there gave me the pros and cons, and I wound up going in a different direction which I'm still thrilled with). Good luck and don't hesitate to give a yell if you need any other info.

Best regards
Danny grover

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@Danny Grover, I see you are new.
Please share your pictures of your renovation with us. That is what this forum is really helpful for--inspiration, materials list (what you used, etc.)

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My bf is a good contractor, and he has friends in acquaintances is all of the trades because he's been building houses so long. My aunt is an architect and I will consult with her before we begin, but I'd like to try to mock something up myself first.

I think sacrificing the closet space will be worth it, the one by the guest bathroom is not very functional and the one in the master bedroom can be made up by stealing a little space from the neighboring bedroom or by installing a built-in storage system on one of the walls.

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Remodeling is the process of changing a look of a particular thing. Remodeling of bathroom requires different choice of tiles and other accessories use in bath room in order to provide it new look.

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Somebody answered your floorplan question, but posted to this person's question. I doubt they have any idea it happened, but you might want to have a look. They have a valid point (a few posts down at this link):

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is there a reason you want to lose all the closet space? Moving toilets is expensive. I would just do this: From

If you show your door swings, I'll try other plans. I wasn't 100% sure which way they went.

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Another option is to go with pocket doors. You do not have the swing issue. I agree that is is very costly to move toilets. I'm less sure about costs for moving sinks or plumbing for showers although I would think the shower drain might be expensive to move.

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