Bare-Legs or Pantyhose?

alicia-aDecember 26, 2009

I work at as a secretary and while I don't always where skirts, I am never without hose. The women I work with have occasionally asked me how I can stand to wear them when they are so uncomfortable. I say that if they find the right size and brand that they will never feel uncomfortable again, in fact they will actually feel good. This brings me to the point, do you prefer Pantyhose or Bare-Legs and why?

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Most p-hose don't fit well, too long, too short, cutting in at the waist, icky color. Then they run and have to be replaced, which is an expense. I'm sure you are younger than I, but I remember wearing regular hose, girdles, garter belts--all that was so uncomfortable. That may also be why women of a certain age do not wear p-hose. We've suffered enough, thank you!! LOL!

Good for you finding some which do fit well. I'm sure you look very nice at work. I've seen female attorneys and women in fine women's wear stores wearing them, and I think they look well-dressed.

My legs really do not look good enough to go bare--veins, too pale, so I always wear pants to work. Haven't had a skirt on in sooo long.

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I am at the age where I don't feel dressed up if I don't have pantyhose on.
In the Summer I will go bare legged. My legs still look ok - no broken veins.
On New Years, I will wear panty hose.

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I work at a law firm and I cannot stand hose. I stopped wearing skirts about 20 years ago b/c I couldn't stand the way they made my legs feel. Plus they hold in sweat and are bad for the breathability of the skin. I also think they are aging. This is just my opinion, of course.

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Alicia-a, you registered the same day you posted. You obviously found what works for you and don't intend to change your style. I don't see the point in hashing this out. Every two months a new person registers to discuss pantyhose. Just read the archived posts on this.

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