Makeup for neck discoloration

graywings123December 26, 2007

I have sun damaged skin on the sides of my neck, and then very light colored skin directly under my chin.

Are there any products or procedures that can repair the sun damage?

Any recommendations for foundation products to use on my neck that wouldn't instantly rub off on my clothing?

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don't know of a good make-up or cover cream, but you might check with a dermatologist about having 'permanent make-up' done.

A friend does permanent make-up, mostly brows & eyeliner, but she also works with a cosmetic surgeon who does restorative work for people who have birthmarks, burns, etc.

You might just check with a licensed technician, it might be less expensive, but be sure to look at her before & after photos & check with some of her previous clients;
permanent make-up is art as well as technology, & you need someone who's good at matching skin tones & so forth.

Best luck!

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Permanent make-up is a great idea but it can be painful to have done, and expensive, and may take years to complete a large area.

Have you ever tried using Air Stockings or a similar product on the neck area that you say is discolored? It comes in an aerosol can in various hues and it has fairly heavy coverage and won't rub off easily onto clothing like face foundations do when you wear then on the neck. I have it for my legs for when I do not wear hose but don't want to look pale and veiny. Of course its not a ideal long term solution. They do make waterproof and rub proof face foundation make-up. Have you tried them and been disatisfied?

Unfortunately no product on the market can reverse sun damage, only make it less noticable.

*I was going to add a link to Air Stockings in a can but I see their domain is for sale and they are probably out of business. There might be a similar product though.

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